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[BSAlert *exclusive*]
We here at BSAlert are going to keep a running tab of major news stories that were broken by non-traditional media sources (i.e. Bloggers/Internet). See "Read More" for the details and how you can contribute.

The truth is every day, major stories are "buried" by the mainstream media because they don't serve the interest of their executives or corporate sponsors. In many cases, the "Internet buzz" ends up becoming so substantive that even the mainstream must acknowledge these stories or call more obvious attention to their questionable journalistic standards. We're going to keep track of these stories to show that there are many superior sources of news and information than the corrupted mainstream institutions.

Stories broken by independent Internet investigators that eventually forced the mainstream media to pay attention:

  • Boing Boing breaks open veil of secrecy on Citibank ATM card scandal.

  • Bloggers Break Story Over Sony DRM Rootkit - While mainstream media ignored the issue, and antivirus software ignored it, Bloggers broke the story wide open about Sony's dangerous software bundled with audio CDs that infects computers.

  • Groklaw and SCO's Lawsuit Against IBM - In an effort to shut down open source software, a failing company, SCO Software, made claims that Linux infringes on their intellectual property. Legal blog site, Groklaw has played a pivotal role in exposing the foolishness of SCO's frivolous case, to the point that the company is claiming this blog may be responsible for their corporate downfall [sic].

  • Bloggers Marginalize MSM - Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal writes a column on how the blogging revolution has marginalized the [self] importance of mainstream media, and the MSM are not happy about it. Also see UK's Guardian article on The new "Fifth Estate" and how the American mainstream media has been castrated.

  • CNN Reporter Resigns Over Iraq Remarks - Washington Post covers a story that the bloggers wouldn't let go about a CNN journalist who made disparaging remarks about the military targeting journalists in Iraq. Also see

  • White House Gives Press Credentials to Fake Newsman - The big story of Jeff Gannon aka "James Dale Guckert", a right-wing propagandist in the white house press corps under a fake name and his sordid interest in gay military escort services and bible reading.

  • Dan "Rathergate" - The Blogger who exposed the dubious nature of Bush's National Guard records and took the mainstream media by storm.

  • Non-Traditional Media Gain Ground, Consumers - A major headline from USA Today on bloggers' influence in the traditional media and their increasing acceptance among the populace.

  • Bloggers Scare the Crap out of Forbes Magazine - A Forbes magazine article by Daniel Lyons, titled "Attack of the Blogs," characterizes weblogs as "the prized platform of an online lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing lies, libel and invective. ... Suddenly they are the ultimate vehicle for brand-bashing, personal attacks, political extremism and smear campaigns." Lyons urges companies that come under blog criticism to fight back by hiring consultants to monitor the blogosphere, suing bloggers and their web hosts - and by building their own "blog swarm." But PR industry blogger Steve Rubel says he is "very disappointed" in the Forbes piece. "With all respect to Lyons and the magazine's editors, bloggers are not Corporate America's Boogeyman. They can be a company's greatest allies and evangelists if AND only IF we take the time to take them seriously and engage them in dialogue. Instead of telling us about both opportunities and threats, you paint the blogosphere as the Wicked Witch of the West."
    SOURCE: Forbes, November 14, 2005

If you'd like to contribute, leave a comment with the URL and a short description of the story. We need a URL to a mainstream media outlet which picked up the story, preferably one with reference to the non-traditional source of the story. A link to the original source/blog is also appreciated.


Posted by Idea on 2005-02-13 16:20:29
What was the site that the mainstream media started using, it was or something like that, during the debates. A good example of how the news media used the Internet to verify things instead of doing the job themselves. It was even more funny when was cited by Rumsfeld which ended up being an anti-Bush site. More embarassment for network news and the administration.
Posted by Pile on 2005-02-13 16:22:58
Info on that is here.
Posted by Slap Shot on 2005-11-18 10:20:07
Man you guys whine about the media a lot.

Face it - the reason the media cover the garbage they do is because that's what people want to see.

Who do you suggest should be the first outlet to start carrying the 'important' news that you want to see, so that they can watch their ratings/readership plummet and then promptly go out of business??

Don't blame the media, blame the idiots that surround you every time you leave your computer.


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