Bush Plants Gay Christian Prostitute In White House Press Corps

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Another big scandal that mainstream media will gloss over? How about the planting of a fake news reporter, from a fake news agency, in the White House Press Corps by the Bush administration? A paid operative, Bible-preaching Christian that's apparently into gay porn, that didn't even use his real name, but is associated with a number of right-wing propaganda operations!

As the plot thickens and internet cyber sleuths try to track down the "rats nest" of conservative schemers, hiding behind pseudonyms and dummy corporations, Some in Congress are requesting an immediate formal investigation.

UPDATE: Washington Post picks the story up from Bloggers. Score another for alterna-media doing the work of emaciated journalists. Another good expose can be found here.

I especially like the guy's interesting collection of domain names:

Nothing like a Bible-preaching, conservative white house "journalist" who doubles as a pimp for gay military prostitutes.

UPDATE: Editor and Publisher has exposed the guy's real name as James Guckert and that WH Press Secretary knew about his deception.

UPDATE: More evidence of Guckert's lies to CNN and his gay prostitution site. He can't hide the fact that the site was archived and still viewable even though he took it down BUSTED!

UPDATE: Joe Conason asks Where is the 'Liberal Media' that should be covering this story?

UPDATE: Washington Post Continues the saga now that nude pictures are floating around.

UPDATE: Gannon may be the thread that unravels the CBS "memo-gate" scandal, and more Sex, Lies & Jeff Gannon.

Maureen O'Dowd's great quote on this: "I was rejected for a White House press pass at the start of the Bush administration, but someone with an alias, a tax evasion problem and Internet pictures where he posed like the "Barberini Faun" is credentialed to cover a White House that won a second term by mining homophobia and preaching family values?"

For Immediate Release
February 9, 2005 Contact: Eric Burns

Rep. Slaughter Calls on President Bush to Explain Emerging White House Briefing Room Scandal

Washington, DC - Rep. Louise M. Slaughter (NY-28), long time champion of media reform and Ranking Member of the House Committee on Rules, sent a letter to President George W. Bush today asking him to explain how discredited "reporter" Jeff Gannon was credentialed as a member of the legitimate media by the White House.

The letter follows:

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

The Honorable George W. Bush

President of the United States

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

In light of the mounting evidence that your Administration has, on several occasions, paid members of the media to advocate in favor of Administration policies, I feel compelled to ask you to address a matter brought to my attention by the Niagara Falls Reporter (article attached), a local newspaper in my district, regarding James "JD" Guckert (AKA Jeff Gannon) of Talon News.

According to several credible reports, "Mr. Gannon" has been repeatedly credentialed as a member of the White House press corps by your office and has been regularly called upon in White House press briefings by your Press Secretary Scott McClellan, despite the fact evidence shows that "Mr. Gannon" is a Republican political operative, uses a false name, has phony or questionable journalistic credentials, is known for plagiarizing much of the "news" he reports, and according to several web reports, may have ties to the promotion of the prostitution of military personnel.

Several weeks ago when it was revealed that radio/TV host Armstrong Williams had received payment from your Administration in exchange for his vocal support of the 'No Child Left Behind' initiative, I was stunned. For years now I have been leading the fight in Congress for fairness and accountability in the media; the Williams revelation only underscored the need for a media that has integrity, is balanced and expresses the local interests and concerns of its consumers.

Since that time, two more members of the media have been found to have received money from your Administration in exchange for their vocal, yet undisclosed support of Administration policies.

And just this morning we have learned that "Mr. Gannon" has resigned his post at the, so called, Talon News amid growing concerns over his controversial background and falsified qualifications. In fact, it appears that "Mr. Gannon's" presence in the White House press corps was merely as a tool of propaganda for your Administration.

Mr. President, I am sure we both agree the White House Press Corps is an honored institution in America that should be beyond the scope of partisan meddling, and that a free and independent media is the cornerstone of our success as a democracy. Likewise, I am sure we can both agree the American people have the right to expect that journalists who question their President everyday are experienced, independent, and perhaps most importantly, unbiased in their approach.

I was already concerned about what appears to be an organized campaign to mask partisan propaganda as legitimate news by your Administration. That we have now learned this same type of deception is occurring inside the White House briefing room itself is even more disturbing.

That is why I am asking you to please explain to the Congress and to the American people how and why the individual known as "Mr. Gannon" was repeatedly cleared by your staff to join the legitimate White House press corps?

Mr. President, your Administration has driven the so-called "values" debate in this country. But the most important value for those of us in public service should always be honesty and integrity, particularly when considering the manner in which we conduct our affairs of state.

I would appreciate your prompt response on this matter.



Louise M. Slaughter

Ranking Member, House Committee on Rules

From the Niagara Falls Reporter on Monday, February 7, 2005

Dear Rep. Slaughter,

As a small newspaper located in your district, we are asking for your help. It has come to our attention that an individual who calls himself "Jeff Gannon" has been credentialed by the White House to attend press briefings and presidential news conferences.

He is affiliated with an organization called Talon News, and is frequently called on by White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan and President Bush. This individual has no background in journalism whatsoever, and his "syndicated column" appears solely on his personal Web site, www.jeffgannon.com. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, "Jeff Gannon" isn't even his real name.

In his biography at the Talon News site, where he holds the title of "Washington Bureau Chief," he claims to be a graduate of the "Pennsylvania State University System" and the Leadership Institute Broadcast School of Journalism.

While the 23 schools in the Penn State system award diplomas, the system itself does not, and the Daily News investigation has thus far failed to turn up a "Jeff Gannon" who holds a degree in education from Penn State, as this person claims he does. Furthermore, the Leadership Institute Broadcast School of Journalism is a right-wing diploma mill where anyone with $50 and two days to waste can receive a degree.

As for Talon News itself, it seems to consist solely of a Web site that links directly to a Republican site called www.gopusa.com. Both Talon and GOPUSA have the same mailing address, a private residence in Texas. It isn't clear whether anyone at Talon News is paid, as one portion of its site asks, "Want to join the Talon News team? Click here to find out more about being a volunteer reporter for Talon News."

Looking at the staff biography section of the site, none of the 10 individuals listed appear to have any training or previous experience in journalism, although all list credentials as Republican activists.

We respectfully ask your office to look into how a partisan political organization and an individual with no credentials as a reporter -- and apparently operating under an assumed name -- landed a coveted spot in the White House press corps.


Bruce Battaglia, publisher, Mike Hudson, editor in chief, Rebecca Day, senior editor, David Staba, sports editor, Bill Gallagher, national correspondent, John Hanchette, senior correspondent, Frank Thomas Croisdale, contributing editor, Bill Bradberry, contributing editor, Niagara Falls Reporter.

And the mysterious Jeff Gannon tucks his tail between his legs and hides in light of the exposure of his phony scheme.

UPDATE: Guckert caught lying on CNN.


Christian Science Monitor also has a good story on the implications of the new rules the White House seems to be playing under regarding media access.


Posted by Anonymous on 2005-02-09 14:52:23
(yawn) ..every president in recent memory has had some softball sympathatic reporter(s) in the white house press corp.
It only makes news now..because it's cool to hate Bush.
Oh , and I can't wait for the article about Rev Al Sharpton getting paid by the Kerry camp to promote Kerry's agenda.
Bet that article will come out next week..NOT.
Posted by Pile on 2005-02-09 19:02:37
Submit an article if you want it published. Or else you can just whine and claim everything is biased.

Let me break this to you skippy... I post what people contribute or what I find. If you think the left are doing something fishy, submit it.

Kerry paying Al Sharpton isn't the same thing in my opinion. Bush pays a lot of people to promote his agenda.. that's not unusual. What is unusual is when you seed the supposedly independent media pool with hand-picked propagandists, that's another matter entirely. Al Sharpton didn't change his name and pretend to be someone else, nor get special favors from the White House.

Let me know when you find a story where Kerry hired someone who posed as an independent voice and misrepresented the agenda that was being promoted.
whats the diff??
Posted by yawn on 2005-02-10 13:10:27
ABC News
Sharpton Was Paid to Aid Kerry Campaign
Rev. Al Sharpton Got $86,715 in Travel and Consulting Fees to Campaign for Sen. John Kerry
The Associated Press

Dec. 9, 2004 - All of John Kerry's one-time rivals in the Democratic presidential primary eventually lined up to support him as the nominee, but only one got paid for it Al Sharpton.

The Democratic National Committee paid Sharpton $86,715 in travel and consulting fees to compensate for his campaigning for Kerry and other Democratic candidates, according to reports to the Federal Election Commission.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Sharpton said he was paid for travel and he didn't know how much he had been reimbursed.

"They asked me to travel to 20 or 30 cities to campaign, and I did that," Sharpton said. "What am I supposed to do, donate the cost of air fare?"

But records show that while most of the money was to reimburse travel expenses, Sharpton was paid $35,000 as a "political consulting fee" 15 days after the election. The consulting fee was first reported in this week's edition of the Village Voice.

Democratic National Committee spokesman Jano Cabrera said the party paid Sharpton at the request of the Kerry campaign.

"After meeting with Kerry's staff, we did agree to pay for Reverend Sharpton's travel and consulting expenses," Cabrera said. "He traveled very extensively to help the nominee and Democrats across the board, encouraging them to get out and vote on November 2."

Sharpton frequently appeared at Kerry's side in the final weeks before the election as Kerry was trying to connect with black voters. Sharpton was with Kerry in largely black churches and when he spoke to other black audiences.

Kerry's eight other former rivals from the Democratic primary also worked to varying degrees to get Kerry elected. In particular, Wesley Clark, Bob Graham, Dick Gephardt and Dennis Kucinich often campaigned with Kerry, although the latter three mostly appeared in their home states. But none of the other eight Democrats who were once in the race were paid travel reimbursements or consulting fees, according to a search of federal records collected by tracking service PoliticalMoneyLine.

Cabrera would not say when the party agreed to pay Sharpton or whether he requested the consulting fees. Cabrera said that information was part of private negotiations.
Posted by Demosthenes on 2005-02-10 17:05:13
wow i havent been here in a while, i missed all the political "discussions"
Captain Obvious Strikes Again
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-02-11 13:38:32
Kerry and Sharpton on the same side? Wow, that's f*cking news!

Why don't you post some dumbass expose on how GW Bush and Rush Limbaugh have similar political views?

Good one. None of us saw that coming.
His conservativeguy.com site is accessible at archive.org
Posted by Simon on 2005-02-15 11:40:12
This guy claims that people are conservative if they a) Own a gun, b) support the NRA and c) Drive an SUV. What an idiot.
Why are you taking away my 1st amendment right
Posted by Dr. Right on 2005-02-15 15:11:49
Funny how you censor the e-mail that is pro Bush. I guess, like the White House Press Corp, BS Alert is a bitch of the DNC
What about Helen Thomas & Ellen Ratner
Posted by The Truth on 2005-02-16 16:11:39
Hi Pile you numb nutz. On Jan. 26, Guckert asked President Bush an opinionated question about Sen. Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton being "divorced from reality." With that, Media Matters for America and other leftists on the Web began frothing at the mouth over "Gannongate." The "scandal"? Someone was allowed in the White House briefing room who asked softball questions to the president.

David Brock asked Bush press secretary Scott McClellan to revoke Guckert's weak "day pass" credentials since Talon News was founded by a well-known conservative, making his employees "political activists," not "actual journalists." This is when every conservative in America started to laugh. Using this founder's-keeper logic, Ted Turner's CNN shouldn't be allowed within a nautical mile of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It doesn't take long to recall the left-wing activist journalists laying down activist harangues in the White House briefing room. Forget the "actual journalists" bashing Team Bush for ABC, CBS, and so on. Remember the insufferable Helen Thomas? Briefings have also featured liberal talk-show host Ellen Ratner, and far-left writer Russell Mokhiber, who publishes an anti-corporate newsletter called "Multinational Monitor." Why doesn't Brock want their credentials revoked?

Conservatives were also laughing when they remembered the Clinton years. If asking a softball to the president was an offensethat should get your press credentials pulled, the White House briefing room in the Clinton years would have been empty.

ooh baby
Posted by panting on 2005-02-17 00:18:10
Damn, The Truth, you can't tease us like that-- point us to those naked spread-eagle photos of Helen Thomas.
Thanks for the visual
Posted by The Truth on 2005-02-17 07:54:57
Hey Panting, I had a hard enough time keeping my lunch down after seeing the above gay porn. Now I have to deal w/ mental images of Helen Thomas spread eagle and naked.

Thanks, for killing my sex drive. Did you do that ON PURPOSE to keep a conservative from reproducing?

It will probably take 6 months of hard core (pun intended) therapy to cure me.

The Truth
Posted by tired on 2005-02-17 11:56:19
Can't we agree regardless of political affiliation that this guy shouldn't have been in the White House Press Room? Does Bush really need to stoop to that level to find sycophants in the media that will promote his agenda?

You conservatives, you think if this happened to Hillary you would not make it out to be the scandal of the century?
Posted by The Truth on 2005-02-17 15:18:55
Well I suggest taking a little nap. Over 90% of the White House Press Corp are card carry, die hard, left leaning Democrats, who systematically tired to use the media to undermine, unsuccessfully, the past election.

What I and many of us "right wing, Neo-Con, war mongering, Hummer Driving, spotted owl killing, puppy drowning, energy wasting, religious zealots" have grown tired of is the bitching and moaning coming from the left without offering any solutions or plans. Unless you call weak a&% attempts to blame Bush for giving this Bozo a press pass a plan or solution.

Here is a novel idea. Stop acting like two year olds, get over the past election, and try to develop a comprehensive, cohesive and clear party platform. Something the DNC hasn't had in many years.

I am here to tell you as a former conservative Democrat, all the nonsense coming from the left is pushing more people to our team.

Look, I believe in a two party system and feel uncomfortable with one party having too much power. So get off you butts, stop the negativity, and regroup with a more positive message.
Posted by Bill Clinton on 2005-02-18 12:52:34
To show my new bi-partisan ways we should revisit all of my gates, specifically: WhiteWatergate, Cattlegate, Nannygate, Helicoptergate, Troopergate, Genniferflowergate, Vincefostergate, PaulaJonesgate, I wonder where those Whitewater Billing Records came fromgate, Chinesegate, Blame KenStargate, Vast Right-Wing Conspiracygate, Lincoln Bedroomgate, Web Hubbellgate, Perjurygate, Pardongate, Lewinskyhummergate, Juanita Broadrickgate, Bomb the Asprin Factorygate, Los Alamosgate, Drugdealer Donationsgate, PBSgate, and, Federal Building Campaign phonecallgate, and travelgate.

Wilie Bill
Forgot one
Posted by Bill Clinton on 2005-02-18 13:00:47
Remove All the W from all the keyboards in the White House because we are immaturegate
Posted by turk_182 on 2005-02-28 00:41:03
Now I know what W ment by "I got a MAN DATE"
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