BitCoin vs Beanie Babies

[Beating Dead Horses]

What I Learned Reading the NZ Shooter's Manifesto


Why Libertarianism Is More A Religion Than A Political System

"9/11 Never Forget".... what?

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Louisiana's "Bestiality Ten" - Senators Protect Animal Sex

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Far Cry 5: It's Hip To Be An Apocalyptic Religious Drug Cult


Best Buy Was Paid By FBI To Report On Customer's Computers

Dale Hansen on "Responsible Gun Owners"

[News Media]

Is Blockchain/Crypto Currency Investment A Risky Scheme?

[Essential Factoids]
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#MeToo Movement Wins A Few Battles, Losing War


How America Got Into Its Economic and Social Mess

Burger King Ad Promotes Something Besides Its Products: Empathy

[Mean People]

The Hamster Wheel Of Gun Violence And Citizen Helplessness

[Beating Dead Horses]

What is Net Neutrality And Why Should You Care?

Ten Commandment Statues Are Really Taxpayer Money Grabs

The Difference Between An Imperfect Friend And A Deadly Enemy


Kellyann Conway's Masterful Use of Bullshit Exposed

[Beating Dead Horses]

The Netherlands Produce A Welcome Video For Trump


The Science (and Company) Behind The Trump and Brexit Elections


Happy New Year! Who Are YOU Going To Hate In 2017?

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One Company Controls Almost The Entire Eyeglass Market

Is Donald Trump Illiterate?

[Beating Dead Horses]

Analysis Of The FBI Hillary E-Mail Investigation

Donald Trump... Destroyed By Donald Trump

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Weird Al Moderates Another Debate


How The Hillary Campaign Destroyed Trump in the Debates

Correcting For Bias In Amazon Reviews

Top 8 Advantages Of A Donald Trump Presidency

"All Lives Matter" is this generation's "Support Our Troops"

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