Favorite Sites

Here are some of our favorite web pages. We encourage you to visit these find publishers:

  • National Priorities Project - This site takes statistical data on government spending and other efforts and produces clear reports on where your tax money is going, or even more frightening, where it should be going and what it could accomplish if better managed.
  • Mozilla.Org
    The best browser for your PC is here. Faster, more reliable, more secure, with more features than Internet Explorer. Guaranteed to extend your life expectancy.
  • Freedom From Religion Foundation
    This group is making great strides in promoting critical thinking and pushing back the theist wall that seeks to eradicate separation of church and state.
  • BBC News
    One of the best news sites on the Internet. They still understand the nature of "journalism."
  • LinkTV
    An alternative cable channel available on DirecTV which is a refreshing change, offering innovative, alternative and often controversial news and documentaries.
  • Freethought Encyclopedia
    Check out this central resource in the debate between science & rationality and the supernatural and dogmatic.
  • Media Matters
    A great media watchdog web site.
  • Democracy Now - One of the most amazing and radical alternative daily news broadcasts. If you want to see important news that is ignored by mainstream media, check out their daily broadcast.
  • PBS Frontline Special - The best documentary on Wal-Mart ever made.
  • Penn & Teller's Bullshit - Showtime's brilliant television series on scams and lies in society.
  • Scorecard.org - Find out what kind of pollution is being dumped in your area, what its effects are, and who's doing it!
  • Sick of Blue Cross/Blue Shield - If you're insured by an HMO such as Blue Cross, it's not "if" but "when" you will be screwed over.
  • Non-Profit information - Find out whatever information may be available on non-profit organizations, including lobbying groups, associations and more.
  • Consumerist - Calling attention to corporate malfeasance and protecting consumers' rights.
  • Atheist Nation

  • Other Sites of Interest

    Bill Hicks - 'nuff said.

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