Senior US Federal Attorney Is Outed On Public Messageboard

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The US Attorney General for Louisiana, Jim Letten, announced today that one of his top prosecutors has been using the handle "Henry L. Mencken1951" to criticize a local landfill owner and a raft of other local and national figures, including federal judges, in the comments section on Louisiana's Times-Picayune website. Perricone "readily admitted" using the pseudonym, and the matter has been referred to the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility, Letten said.

And what does a US Fed utter when he thinks he's protected by anonymity? Will this issue create a controversy over whether or not someone commenting publicly under an alias can be construed as an ethical conflict of interest?

It will be up to that office to determine Perricone's punishment, Letten said.

Perricone -- whom Letten called a "fine veteran attorney" -- has been recused from all matters that he discussed in comments on, Letten said. He said he could not enumerate which cases that might include.

He added that Perricone, 60, the office's senior litigation counsel, "knows the restrictions and laws under which we operate."
U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said that Sal Perricone, the office's senior litigation counsel, 'knows the restrictions and laws under which we operate. All our folks know commenting on ongoing cases are things you're not supposed to do.'

The controversy over "Mencken1951's" identity erupted Monday, when Heebe filed a petition in Civil District Court alleging that there was strong evidence the moniker belonged to Perricone, one of the lead prosecutors in a sweeping probe of the River Birch landfill. Heebe is co-owner of that landfill. The petition sought a court order allowing Heebe's lawyers to depose Perricone and James Mann, a colleague.

Perricone's activities were "not known of or authorized by myself or the U.S. attorney's office," Letten said.

He added that Mann had no role in the postings by "Mencken1951," and said that Heebe's suit "cavalierly" threw Mann into the mix.

Heebe hired James Fitzgerald, a former FBI profiler who specializes in "forensic linguistics," to review 595 comments left by "Mencken1951" below stories posted on the website, which is affiliated with The Times-Picayune.

Fitzgerald noted eye-popping similarities between the language used by "Mencken1951" and a legal brief filed by Perricone and two other prosecutors in a matter related to the River Birch investigation. Among other things, he said both the author of the legal brief and "Mencken1951" were fans of alliteration and rarely used, antiquated words, including "dubiety" and "redoubt."

Perricone's post, senior litigation counsel, is a spot reserved for the criminal division's most talented trial expert. He has not commented publicly on the controversy to date.

Perricone was present at the government's table this morning as defense lawyers and prosecutors argued over whether prosecutors were guilty of misconduct by meeting with Dominick Fazzio, the chief financial officer for River Birch, without his lawyer being present. Fazzio faces charges unrelated to the River Birch inquiry, but prosecutors have been trying to get him to sign a plea deal in that matter and cooperate in the landfill probe.

U.S. Judge Ginger Berrigan -- a frequent target of barbs by "Mencken1951," who once said she "loves killers" -- ruled this morning that prosecutors had behaved appropriately. While she did not address the controversy, when Perricone stood up to ask a question at one point, she told him sharply: "Sit down, Mr. Perricone. "

Letten stressed that the observations about the bench that Perricone made under his online alias were his alone, and not representative of the office.

"We've got one of the best benches in the world," Letten said. "We depend on these judges and we trust them to rule in accordance with the law."

Many of Perricone's online comments involve the U.S. attorney's office and various current and past targets of the office. His "interest in and level of knowledge about an ongoing (federal) investigation of River Birch are striking and beyond what could be expected of even the most diligent Times-Picayune reader," Heebe's petition noted.

"Mencken1951," who had been a prolific commenter on, was mostly quiet in the wake of Heebe's allegations. But at 6:15 a.m. Wednesday -- after Perricone had already confessed to Letten that he was "Mencken1951" -- he posted a comment below the story about Heebe's petition.

"I'm here. Watching our rights erode," he wrote.

Letten said this afternoon that it's "our hope and belief that there's no damage done to any cases we're handling." He added that "missteps, inappropriate handling of things by federal prosecutors, are really rare."

The Office of Professional Responsibility has not responded to a media inquiry from The Times-Picayune sent yesterday.

"Mencken1951's" handle paid homage to Henry Louis "H. L." Mencken, an acid-tongued Baltimore Sun columnist and influential essayist. That Mencken, who died in 1956, was perhaps best known for his satirical reporting of the 1925 Scopes trial, which he dubbed the "monkey trial."

Here are some choice comments made by the federal prosecutor (full link at end of story)

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  • As a retired member of the bar, and grateful for the approbation, I can attest that the legal profession is one of the most corrupt enterprises in this country. The bench and bar collaborate with the Congress and state legislatures to scribe the rules for most to follow and a few (guess) to enjoy exemption. It's our royalty--our crown--our secular deity.
    No one should believe that the aggrieved will be made whole. The bench and bar will see that they are sated first and the offal will be packaged as justice and given to those injured by the spill.
    Class-action law suits are,by their nature, criminal enterprises. They concentrate power of decision in the hands of a few, while casting the injured as props in their sinister pursuit of large lump settlements. Judges are also to blame as they, like Falstaff, standby gloated with self-importance and allow a disproportinate of the money to go into the fat pockets of the lawyers.

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  • Let's give the NOPD some credit. They are telling us that the victim was not armed and for that, I appreciate their openess. No coverup. It some progress. Let's be happy for that.

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    NOTE: Sal's comments here are completely wrong, and we covered the actual cause of the housing market collapse in detail here.

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  • As I sip my morning coffee, I wonder how many idiots I will encounter today. So far, the count is ONE-you. You slash at the US Attorney's office and offer no examples of what you speak--or allege. I went to law school with John Volz and admired him and still do. I believe the standards he set in that office are still there. I've been around this town for many years and know of what I speak. I would be shocked, dismayed and disappointed if anyone associated with that office did what you vapidly allege. Cite examples, or go read the Society page!!!

  • Apparently, corruption isn't old news in Jefferson Parish, given what Letten's posse is doing TODAY! Can you imagine what it would be like in Gretna if the Feds hadn't taken down Marcotte? He was a corruptor, not unlike someone else who shall go unmentioned--but you know who it is. Somehow the Feds got Marcotte to cooperate and that is a good thing. Perhaps it's a teachable moment that someone else should take note of and QUICK!

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