Ebay Changes Policy: Retaliatory Feedback Is No More!

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eBay has announced new changes to their feedback system. Sellers aren't too happy, but buyers may be thrilled. Among the new changes, sellers will no longer be able to leave negative/neutral feedback for buyers.

From eBay's site:

eBay’s Feedback system continues to evolve as community makeup and the online marketplace dynamics change.

The eBay Feedback system was originally designed to provide a simple, honest, accurate record of the buyer's and seller's online experience to ensure safe and satisfactory trade. It was driven by two factors: transparency and accountability. Over time, we found that the transparency of the existing Feedback system makes some members reluctant to hold others accountable. For example, buyers fear retaliatory Feedback from sellers if they leave a negative.

Therefore, we'll be making a few significant changes to eBay's Feedback system to continue to improve accuracy and accountability. Within six months, these changes should help to differentiate and reward sellers who provide a positive buying experience on eBay.

What changes are being made to the eBay Feedback system?

There are five key elements to the new Feedback system being introduced in the first half of 2008:

1. Beginning in February, buyers and sellers will be able to earn up to one Feedback per week from the same trading partner. Today, members may only affect each other's Feedback scores one time, regardless of the number of transactions between the parties. This change will both encourage repeat transactions and reward good service.
2. Sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. This change will occur in May, 2008.
3. Removal of negative and neutral Feedback left by members who are suspended or who fail to respond to the Unpaid Item Process (UPI).
4. Positive Feedback percentage will be based on the past 12 months of Feedback, rather than lifetime, since it is most indicative of the seller's recent performance.
5. Restrictions on when Feedback can be left:
* Buyers must wait three days before leaving negative or neutral Feedback for sellers with an established track record
* Instead of 90 days, members will be able to leave Feedback for 60 days

Why would the new initiatives work better for the marketplace?

We believe that we will reduce any imbalance in the Feedback system with these changes. Buyers will be able to more accurately assess sellers and sellers will be protected from buyers who violate our policies without risking a cut in good buyer activity.

We believe that:

1. buyers will be more honest when they leave Feedback since they will not fear retaliatory negative Feedback.
2. buyers will bid more and higher since their trust in the Feedback system and the sellers will increase.
3. our best performing sellers will be able to differentiate themselves from all other sellers and increase the amount of business they receive as buyers gravitate towards them.
4. sellers will leave Feedback upon payment more often in order to increase their chance of receiving positive Feedback.

Is eBay favoring buyers over sellers with this change?

The change in the Feedback system is designed to improve the eBay marketplace which should benefit both buyers and sellers. Improving the Feedback system should increase the number of buyers whose expectations are met. This should result in more buying activity which will benefit sellers.


About time
Posted by smidoid on 2008-02-05 07:25:08
Let's see what happens, but it LOOKS like it might be a step in the right direction. The old system of "you f*ck with me and I'll nail you right back f*cker" stank to high heaven anyway
Yeah About Time
Posted by UF*CKME on 2008-05-23 14:20:16
Yeah. Buyers should be able to say whatever cruel and dishonest thing they like without consequence! HUH. Plus, if a buyer wants to extort a seller over the phone - there's no consequence. YEAH. I have been trying to figure out a way to screw sellers without consequence for years. YEAH.
Sellers Screwed
Posted by Dick on 2008-06-14 15:55:39
Sounds like a one way street to me. It's all about the buyers, screw the seller. Ebay will regrete this move.
Posted by leek on 2008-10-25 21:48:00
Buyer is king in capitalist markets. That's what those who itch for regulation don't understand.

I have no sympathy for sellers, even though I am one.

That's the price you pay.
Posted by ebaymotorssucks.com on 2009-06-20 09:31:18
That's Pure BS!

Deadbeat Car Buyer Negs Seller - eBay Says It
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