"Maxxed Out" - America's Debt Crisis

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In "Maxed Out", author/director James D. Scurlock takes on America's debt crisis. Consequently, he touches on related issues like race, corporate malfeasance, and political subterfuge. The full movie is here.

Scurlock’s multi-media approach incorporates statistics, news excerpts, and interviews, but it's rarely dull (comedy bits from Louis CK and tunes from Queen and Coldplay don't hurt). Speakers include economic professors, debt collectors, pawn brokers, investigative reporters, beleaguered consumers, and even Robin Leach (Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous).

Instead of New York and Los Angeles, he concentrates on mid-size cities, like Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, and Seattle. Plenty of small towns also come into play. Though he never presses the point himself, Scurlock allows his subjects to note the similarities between the credit industry and the drug trade (others use such incendiary terms as "rape"). One thing he neglects to mention, however, is pride. If house payments are ruining your life, selling that property may be the only solution. In most cases, however, it's hard not to feel for those individuals who didn't know what they were getting into before they signed their lives away.

For some viewers, this will be a dispiriting documentary--three subjects recount the suicides of relatives who found their debt too much to bear--but in explaining exactly how lenders and creditors make money, Maxed Out can help others to avoid some of their most egregious practices. In other words, debt may be a downer, but knowledge is power.


One if by Land
Posted by JL Wallace on 2008-01-18 16:11:28
"One if by Land and the Lantern is Lit..."

Our Constitutional Republic has been destroyed. The foundation of American Liberty has been either distorted, erased or forgotten. Our entire planet is ruled by an oligarchy of established bankers, oilmen and global corporations. We the People find ourselves enslaved and intoxicated by an economic system that by design, destroys the prosperity, development and education of the World's Citizenry.

The Federal Reserve and its fiat monetary policy need to be abolished. The unconstitutional (and enslaving) 16th Amendment needs to be repealed. Congress needs to listen to the people and convene an Article V Convention so we may work towards restoring the Constitutional Republic that our "elected" officials have stolen from us and sold to the highest bidder within the corporatocracy.

Our government is allowing the corporate elite to successfully merge Canada, Mexico and the United States into a single supra-national entity, the North American Union - complete with its new currency the "Amero", which will be ushered in just after the fabricated collapse of our economy. The fascist Tories within our government are working towards another false-flag attack similar to 9/11 to "justify" an attack on Iran and the further erosion of our civil liberties in America.

A Halliburton subsidiary, KBR has already been awarded a $385 million contract to construct "detention centers" in the United States. Any puppet President of the United States now has the power to enact martial law and fully transform America into a police state. The conditioned-complacent public in this country and all the World's Citizenry need to act now to save what few liberties we have left. Rediscover Patriotism. Resurrect Dissent. The time has come to ascend upon Washington and RESTORE THE REPUBLIC!
maxxed out ,a documentry everyone should see.
Posted by credit avenger on 2008-05-17 00:35:13
5/17/08 dear B S alert i have just watched the dm maxed out, it answered alot of questions i had. i feel bad for the people who lost there family in the movie.i could never take my life over bad credit card debt.its just like the movie depicts a game , if you know how to play the game you could come out on top. if you give in to uscrupulas collection agencys you will loose.so my advice is this dont pay if you cant . let them threaten you all they want , sell your house before they forclose, disconect your phone get a disposable cell phone sell what you dont need . then go off the grid for a while then get a new identity. its easyer than you think.
i do not like any banks or agencys that take advange of hard working people.what ever you do its not the end of the world. you can survive .


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