Arnie, Same Sex Marriages and Drunk Driving Convictions!

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Q: What do Arnie, Same Sex Marriages and Duink Driving Convictions have in common? And why are they good news for everyone who cares about the future of this country?

A: These are just three of the '21 Reasons Why Bush Will Win' according to by Scott Elliott, the self-styled 'Blogging Caesar', who runs the pro-Bush election site, Election Projection . So if you're worried that the disgraceful state of health care in the US, cynical warmongering and ethically bankrupt energy policies could threaten the prospects of our 'Dear Leader', think again. Scott's site Election Erection, has 21 reasons why you can sit back in your tax-exempt golf cart and relax!


My reasons why Bush will win
Posted by Bullwinkle on 2004-08-27 13:12:04
Here are my reasons why Bush will win:

1. The Media - The Republicans are the primary party behind deregulation of the major media. Their promise in 1996 of offering consumers cheaper prices and more choices via carefully-constructed additions to the Telco Act allowed an unparalleled amount of media conslidation that the powers-that-be don't want undone. The way things are going, if the GOP stays in power, we'll have one or two mega-media companies that control all radio and tv.

2. Mega-Corporate America - Let's face it: money wins elections and Bush has more money behind him than all the other candidates combined. He may not have the popular vote, but when you control the media, you control a lion's share of peoples opinions, at least temporarily. Insurance, Finance, Oil, Healthcare, Defense Contractors, and many other industries benefit most from Bush's policies and they'll do whatever they can to keep him in office.

3. Diebold - When the company manufacturing most of the new voting machines also works for your campaign and has promised you'll get re-elected, you better believe it.

4. The Supreme Court - It happened last time, and everyone knows that if things go to court, the right-leaning majority of justices will overrule the populace again.

5. The Fundamentalists - While anything but a majority, the religious right wingers are more motivated and politically-active than other groups. They have the time and inclination to engage in large PR and misinformation campaigns.

6. The Bush Family - It helps when you have operatives and family members in power in key states.

7. Tom Ridge - The Czar of Fear will be using his position to carefully time the scaring of the populace in an attempt to promote Bush and keep people from heading to the polls.

8. Greenspan - This guy is the David Copperfield of market manipulation, and has so far managed to stick his finger in the dyke of a looming recession brought about by Bush's irresponsible spending. Even if Bush doesn't get re-elected, the economy is likely to implode once a responsible cabinet is in place that recognizes someone has to pay for all the spending Bush did, and at that point, the short-attention-span media will blame it all on the incumbant, which sets the stage for Bush's dog to win the next election over the incumbant.

9. Rumsfeld & Cheney - These two have repackaged the concept of hypocrisy to such a degree that most followers of American policy no longer know which way is up. At this point, Cheney and Rumsfeld could be caught in a basement with a refrigerator full of corpses of young boys and still manage to get a multimillion dollar Halliburton contract to "investigate", blame it on Kerry, and have the Kobi Bryant trial stay on the front page of every paper in America.

10. And last but not least, the American people, who are generally an unmotivated, apathetic, brain-dead group who watch so much television they have stopped thinking for themselves and get what they deserve.


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