Conservative Talk Show Host For Sale on E-Bay

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A conservative talk radio host has put himself up for bid on E-Bay. It seems that he has bills to pay, too, and would like to earn a little of that adminstration money that has been going to other right-wing pundits on the sly.

The bidding stands, at the time of this post, at only $1,025.77, with less than two days before the auction ends. Surely we can do better. I mean, the least that the three journalists received from the administration so far is $10,000.

Maybe this guy will get less because he promised to disclose the payment. He says he'll still promote the conservative agenda. To be fair (do we have to?), he does promise at the end of his sales pitch to donate the auction proceeds to a charity.

Guess it's true that there's no such thing as bad publicity. And hey, if you advertise that you're willing to be bought, maybe someone will pay--either at the auction, or maybe later, in private.




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