IL Congressman: The Bible Says There's No Global Warming

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If you thought that having an ex-Arabian horse trainer as head of FEMA was an unusual assignment under the Bush administration, take a look at Illinois Republican Congressman John Shimkus, member of the House Energy and Air Quality committee, who actually made a statement before Congress citing the "infallible word of God" in the old testament of the Bible that proves there is no such thing as global warming and only God will decide when the earth will end, before which we'll hear a trumpet call...


This man is a cunt!
Posted by Paul Nesbitt on 2009-03-29 12:18:05
Er, that's all.
Posted by ez rider on 2009-04-12 06:52:40
The man doesn't know what he's talking about. Once we exceed 450 parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere, we're screwed!
The Bible Says There's No Global Warming
Posted by Ianka on 2009-04-16 04:38:59
These people are dangerous. X'ianity is a health hazard.
Posted by Vincent on 2011-02-17 09:54:22
John Shimkus is obviously retarded. He actually takes the Bible as Gods written word. This is something I feel is losing interest as the times go on. Fortunately most people know better than to think in this fairy tale type mentality. I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Shimkus believes in the Tooth Fairy as well. What is concerning to me is he has a political position. He is not qualified to be in a public position. Hopefully we will have him replaced next election. I will remember his name and vote against him if ever I see his name on a ballot. I am from Illinois.


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