The Most Dangerous Moment In Human History

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Ever wonder when the most dangerous moment in human history was? During our lifetime...


True information
Posted by Kevin on 2008-08-22 14:29:56
We were on the brink of nuclear war and nobody had any clue what was going on. Lets forget about the accidents that almost brought us there as well.. Currently the Russian's are considering placing Nuclear Bombers in Cuba in a response to our Missile Defense System in Poland. Go figure, we are walking backwards again and this time I doubt we will get stumbled back into moving forward. Russia is furious and now intent on showing the world they are a power and military might stronger then any other country. Bad times are ahead.
Posted by jpowell180 on 2008-12-28 14:41:31
Russia is once again showing belligerance - the American missile defense system is extremely limited, intended to stop missiles from rogue states such as Iran and NK, so it's certainly not remotely a threat to Russia and its thousands of nukes, and Putin absolutely knows this - he's just using it as an excuse.


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