Former Google Employees Get $33M For Lame Search Engine

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Right now, the big PR buzz is over a new search engine launched by ex-Google employees, called CUIL - oh yea, pronounced "cool", and previously spelled CUILL - I guess they figured dropping one "L" might improve their brand image. Unfortunately, making a search engine that works before they launch a big PR blitz might have been more helpful.

In her two years at Google, Anna Patterson helped design and build some of the pillars of the company's search engine, including its large index of Web pages and some of the formulas it uses for ranking search results.

Now, along with her husband, Tom Costello, and a few other Google alumni, she is trying to upstage her former employer.

On Monday, their company, Cuil, is unveiling a search engine that they promise will be more comprehensive than Google's and that they hope will give its users more relevant results.

"I think it will be better," Costello said in an interview. "But there is no question that the public has to decide."

Cuil, pronounced "cool," is only the latest in a long string of start-up companies that have been founded and financed with the goal of competing with Google, as well as Yahoo and Microsoft. (In June, Google accounted for 61.5 percent of search queries in the United States, while Yahoo held 20.9 percent and Microsoft had 9.2 percent, according to comScore.) Some of the most prominent include Powerset, which Microsoft recently bought, and Wikia, which was founded by Jimmy Wales, one of the creators of Wikipedia. So far, none have managed to make a dent in the search market.


Posted by Gliscameria on 2008-08-04 18:12:43
This search engine didn't even come up with relevant webpages when searching for 'Cuil', and gave errors when searching for "your search engine is useless".


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