Obama Bashing, Extra Crispy State Farm Style

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A friend of mine sent these pictures to me, taken by someone in Louisiana. I wonder what State Farm Corporate thinks of this? And it's further ironic considering what this insurance company did to residents in the region post-Katrina.

I had to personally drive out and verify this. Yes, it's there.

Word is the office is located at: 529 Asbury Drive in Mandeville, La.

EDIT: By the way, this article has spawned a whole firestorm of interest, from snopes.com to factcheck.org. We were the ones who originally broke the story.



Posted by Jean Lemonte on 2008-07-06 12:59:32
This guy is an idiot. You never piss off potential customers by airing your politics.

I spent thousands of dollars with a supplier until he changed the name of one his products to "freedom" instead of "French". He almost cried when I told him why I was switching.
Insurance sign
Posted by Ecclesiastes on 2008-07-06 13:00:34
Obviously you got all your Katrina information from the television.
Posted by Pile on 2008-07-06 13:22:08
I was in New Orleans during Katrina. Where were you Ecclesiastes? It really annoys me when people make ignorant statements like yours.

We even ran stories on state farm more than a year ago.

State Farm was my agent. I know what they did to me and other people.

State Farm accused of Racketeering over Hurricane Katrina claims

NEW ORLEANS - State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. engaged in a "pattern of racketeering" by manipulating engineering reports on Hurricane Katrina damage so the company could deny policyholder claims, lawyers for a group of Mississippi homeowners allege in a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

The federal suit against State Farm represents a new legal strategy for attorney Richard "Dickie" Scruggs, who has played a prominent role in challenging the insurance industry for its handling of Katrina claims.

Hundreds of homeowners in Mississippi and Louisiana have sued their insurers for denying their claims after the Aug. 29, 2005, storm. The suits typically accuse insurers of bad faith and breach of contract for refusing to pay for damage from Katrina's storm surge.

State Farm settles lawsuit the day of the trial

State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. agreed Monday to settle a Mississippi policyholder's lawsuit over Hurricane Katrina damage before a jury could be picked to try the case.

Sen. Trent Lott sues State Farm over Katrina

669 homeowners sue State Farm
30 year history of screwing customers
Posted by 72Dawg on 2008-07-06 16:23:46
I dropped State Farm 30 years ago when they tried to screw me out of a fairly small claim when my car was broken into and burglarized. They tried to say that because the car was 5 years old that they would depreciate my loss by 1% a month. That's 60 months or 60%. This is patently illegal is 50 states. They wanted me to sign an agreement to this effect and I was physically intimidated by the claims adjuster. I got in my car and drove away with the man yelling at me that I would never see a dime of my claim. I reported this to the state, and a few months later I received 100% of my claim thanks to the State insurance commission. State Farm is sleazy. Stay far far away from them.
No problem!
Posted by Boston Charlie on 2008-07-06 18:10:34
Pissing off customers isn't an issue here. Down there in green-toothed gooberland, all the nice clean white folks are voting for McCain. And I'm guessing that Bud Gregg don't sell no insurance to no Nigras anyhow.
Bud Gregg
Posted by Rebubbacan on 2008-07-07 08:59:20
If the photo is 'real', then the guy is a moron. Bud, like so many educated, well-meaning, hard-working, middle class folks in America have enjoyed getting that Red, White and Blue d**k jammed up their a**es for the last eight years. They think being raped is FUN!
Not surprising for Mandeville
Posted by Horizons 500 on 2008-07-07 10:47:40
If this is in Mandeville, Louisiana, as I've been led to believe, nothing would surprise me. The mayor there is still on the job, despite causing three Lake Pontchartrain Causeway policemen and their chief to lose their jobs when they tried to cover for him on a DWI recently. The same mayor who nearly swerved into a police car two years earlier while driving drunk, and drove off drunk again when one of the officers dropped him off at city hall. Mandeville is an upscale, nearly all-white Republican stronghold north of New Orleans where racial incidents have occured at Mardi Gras parades and Klan activity has been strongly rumored. David Duke lives there, too. Need I say more?
Posted by Diverwpg on 2008-07-09 09:48:14
I take offense at being lumped in as a resident of "green-toothed gooberland".

Mandeville is 30 miles from New Orleans but is light-years away from the general political climate of New Orleans. We New Orleans voters traditionally vote Democratic. Mandeville traditionally votes Repugnican. Most all of us have white teeth except for the black-toothed meth addicts in the Mandeville piney woods. - lol

I was fortunate enough not to have flooded but had extensive wind and subsequent rain damage. My insurance company, Horace Mann, treated me pretty fairly. Most of my friends, co-workers and acquaintances who had State Farm homeowners insurance have been very dissatified with the service and damage awards.

My personal experience with State Farm was with auto insurance over 20 years ago. They used a quitclaim award of $60 to move a $140 case to the $200 threshold to make the claim chargable. Six months later thay cancelled my insurance when my ex-wife got into a fender bender. F*** State Farm!!
Setting the Record Straight
Posted by Mike Fernandez - VP, Public Affairs, State Farm on 2008-07-09 17:53:34
"Pile on" is perhaps an appropriate moniker but let me try to set the record straight.

One, you are right, Mr. Gregg's sign is not endorsed by nor consistent with State Farm's corporate practices.

Two, the company does not endorse nor attack candidates. For that matter, we don't even have a corporate political action committee (PAC) like most other major companies.

Three, State Farm employees and agents are free to engage in political activities as individuals, but not as representatives of State Farm (by the way, several in fact, like me, actually support Senator Obama).

Four, while we are not perfect, it is our commitment to our policyholders to pay what we owe, promptly, courteously, and efficiently.

Five, when it comes to Hurricane Katrina, more than 5,600 employees and independent adjustors were assigned to the Gulf Coast to help pay claims (not deny them). In fact, we managed an unprecedented number of claims (more than 295,000 homeowner, commercial and National Flood Insurance Program claims and more than 99,000 auto claims)and most of these claims were settled in fairly short order. In all, State Farm has paid more than $3.6 billion in Hurricane Katrina claims not including payments made under the National Flood Insurance Program.

All that said, there were lawsuits (some legitimately arguing points of law, others frivolous -- some of the second variety are featured in "Pile on" posts) and there were situations that could have been handled better than they were. In the end, we feel for those who were negatively impacted by the hurricane and whose lives were lost or changed forever by Mother Nature. We learned from the experience and hope coastal residents all across the U.S. have come to appreciate the value of buying flood insurance (sadly fewer than 20% of coastal residents in Mississippi had flood insurance...more than 60% had flood insurance in Louisiana).
Who Do You Think You Are?
Posted by GiveMeABreak on 2008-07-11 08:33:43
While I don't support Mr. Gregg's sentiments and can see that State Farm doesn't appreciate being linked to his political opinions, I am just as appalled and insulted by the comments made on here generalizing about the population of people in what is called the Northshore which includes Covington/Mandeville. I would be interested to know if you have ever visited the area and, if you have, wonder exactly what kind of person you are if the individuals you stayed with gave you all of the impressions in prior posts. Say what you want about the Mayor of Mandeville (most of us are as disgusted as you are) or voice your opinion about Mr. Gregg's political view points, but don't make us all out to be green-toothed, Nigras labeling, ignorant KKK members. I am sure your town has a few skeletons, too.
Posted by Adam Burns on 2008-07-12 14:47:27
Gregg gets to express his point of view you commie bastard. What a cheap shot to report him to State Farm. Thank goodness State Farm shut your effort down. Grow up you POS!
Read the signs.........
Posted by soprano1 on 2008-07-12 16:34:53
While most of you have managed to talk about anything other than what the signs stated.....read them! That quote is accurate from Obama. And if you haven't been following the politics, or have only been listening to archaic dinosaur times t.v. news, then you are way out of tune with his true intentions for this country.
He DOES mean to tax YOU more. That's his official answer for dealing with the deficit. And, mind you, there has historically always been a deficit whenever there is war. He DOESN'T intend to drill here, which leaves you with turning to smaller cars, less driving, and even higher gas prices. He plans to take all your tax breaks away. He wants national medical care, which will leave you waiting in line for mediocre care for weeks before getting seen by a doctor. I've been there. All of Europe is that way! And why do you think Canadians cross over to the U.S. to seek medical care? Think! Don't be mesmerized by his words, but actually do your research before you make a decision. (Hitler gave great, uplifting speeches, too, and was voted in by the German people). I am from Germany, a naturalized citizen, who came here legally and had to earn my status as a U.S. Citizen. I am against letting every John, Dick, and Harry into our country illegally and then giving them benefits that WE ALL have to pay for from our taxes. Have you ever seen the immigration laws of Mexico? Try getting in there illegally and see what happens to you. They have NO problem kicking you out.
And pulling out of the war in Iraq would be crazy at this point. We are winning that war...but, if you are only listening to traditional, liberal oriented t.v. news, then you are out of touch and haven't heard this. Branch out to get information. It's your responsibility in this day and age. Our country is at risk of becoming a socialist government....and yes, I have been there, too. It is non-opportunistic, depressing, and economically deadening. What does Germany pay for gasoline? Close to $8 a gallon! Jobs are temporary and hard to find. The people of the U.S. know NOT how lucky they are to live in a capitalist world. You have opportunities here for freedom of speech and building businesses like no other country! Count your blessings.
As for State Farm.....I agree...I dislike the company and have had bad experiences with them. This is not about Louisiana, it's just the way State Farm operates as a whole, and has since it's existance. Yet, in my dealings with their representatives, there are some caring agents. Why they are willing to work for State Farm is beyond me. Gregg shouldn't be advertising on his State Farm ad, however, it IS humorous, and this IS a free country.....at least, for now.
Posted by California Girl on 2008-07-12 19:52:59
Hooray for Bud Gregg, this man has principle and is not a sellout for money.
Posted by Pile on 2008-07-12 23:20:23
Obviously State Farm has their spin on the issue.

I'm just curious if they're going to tell Mr. Gregg to remove the sign or not? It makes no difference to me. If he wants to advertise that he's a right wing nutjob who thinks somehow that Obama is going to destroy America, that's his prerogative, and it's my prerogative to call attention to it. Although I cannot imagine how anyone could screw up the economy and everything in between worst than Bush has. He might not have raised taxes, but taxes will have to be raised to pay for his deficit-spending. It's unfortunate his conservative idiot followers don't seem to have a simple grasp of basic economics -- just because a republican doesn't pay his bills doesn't mean they don't have to be paid at some point. Long after Bush is gone, someone has to pay for his irresponsibility. If McCain doesn't have the balls to raise taxes, then he'll just make things worse until another leader steps up and starts to act fiscally responsible.

I think it's in bad taste for a businessman to use his affiliation with a national corporation to promote his personal political agenda. I am not saying he shouldn't be able to. I just think it's stupid. Obviously, if you support him and his point of view you'll like it, but I think there's a minority of people who feel the way he does - though I do admit, David Duke did very well in the governor's race in that area, so his clients probably aren't that offended.

By the way, I am very amused that the Vice President of a huge corporation came up with such a clever pun of my name, "Pile on" - presumably I guess to characterize my dinky little story as some kind of horrid attack against your puny little company. Oh how unfair... some guy is "piling on" poor 'ol State Farm. Yea, you guys are going to get a ton of sympathy from these parts. We know what you did.

Hey Mr. Fernandez.... why don't you tell the truth about how much State Farm is covering people in the area? You all have avoided writing new policies for years. You pulled out of Mississippi after you got sued. I have been a State Farm customer for more than 25 years and I still couldn't get homeowners from you all. And I'm not even in a flood zone. Your company does the absolute minimum down here when it comes to homeowners' coverage.
Snopes disagrees with what is posted on the sign.
Posted by Katrina Surviver on 2008-07-13 01:13:04
I would suggest that people take a careful look at the sign and then check out this SNOPES posting.


I am so sick of seeing these distortions of the truth and the outright lies that continue to circulate ad infinitum. Funny how there are SO MANY rumors, lies, etc being spread about Obama and how so few are circulated by McCain followers.
The sign is in error
Posted by Pile on 2008-07-13 01:15:27
That's very interesting, but not surprising that this State Farm agent actually has a totally erroneous quote from Barak Obama on his sign. Obama never said what he claims. But that makes sense considering the obvious intelligence of someone stupid enough to post such partisan political trash on his business signage in the first place.
Posted by Working Class Dog on 2008-07-15 14:34:26
What does this have to do with Katrina. He is simply trying to remove the blinders from your eyes. It's his opinion, so why are you bringing up Katrina? Focus on the issues.

By the way, how has the fact that most people in New Orleans vote for the Democrat party worked anyway. Lets see. Leaders, per capita, in crime, poverty and illiteracy.

What a great pary to belong to. Go ahead, keep throwing away your freedoms with the party that should be called the communist party of control.
Posted by Yank in TX on 2008-07-15 16:13:59
Per the snopes link, Obama "slipped up" with that quote. Obama is a great speaker. I doubt he would "slip up" enough to make it sound like something completely different from what he meant.

Sorry, but I won't vote for somebody with socialist views. Social healthcare doesn't really work. Social Security is failing, so why would this work?

You people think Bush has caused all of our deficit? I pity you.

No, I'm not a hillbilly deluxe white boy with three teeth. I just happen to care about the future of this great country.

I believe that the gentleman from Germany couldn't have said it any better.
Posted by belle liberte on 2008-07-15 17:26:16
To Mike Fernandez, SF

Mike, We met in NYC for the CEO Roundtable. I was the photog. I was checking out these pictures they've posted and tried saving them down to my home PC. They have a very unusual extension, not the typical jpeg extension one would use to save and post photos. It's the kind of extension you would use after manipulating photos. I don't know whether all this is on the level or not, but it's something to consider.
Posted by Shelly on 2008-07-15 21:24:14
As an ex Mandeville resident and former Bud Gregg client ( I moved form the area after Katrina)I can tell you that Mr Gregg holds strong convictions unlike the target of his sign. It is interestiing that all the leftie civil libertarians forget about freedom of speeh when the speech doesn't line up with their marketing plan of Mr. Obama/Sotero. If State Farm were half the people of their word that Mr. Gregg is, they would not have the image problem they have now.

As for dissing Mandeville.. Check your facts. They area is one of the fastest growing and has one of the highest household incomes in the Louisiana area. Additionally they have good schools and low crime, which is why most of the larger New Orleans comapnies are moving their operations to the Northshore post Katrina.

Obama is a chameleon: he is whatever the current audience wants him to be. If he went to the Republican convention, he would extol the virtues of the elepahnt just to suck up!
Posted by Michelle on 2008-07-15 21:29:45
BTW Bud,

I think you should post these on you car in they won't let you post them on the sign --- or better yet, buy some ad time on the blinking Causeway signs. Keep on, brother!
Posted by MIKE on 2008-07-15 21:39:03
What a waste of 8 years................
Posted by Tomcat on 2008-07-16 08:30:32
Soprano1, oh please - enough with your political spin. Alleging a quote from Obama that he "will raise taxes" and to accuse those that don't know that fact as "Archaic dinosaur t.v. news viewers" suggest that YOU are mentally held hostage of the FOX news spin-cycle. Agreed, FOX is great entertainment but, so are the tabloid headlines at the supermarket checkout. With Obamas' stated plan, anyone making under $200K annually will see a modest tax credit. I guess YOU are fortunate enough to fall in the $200K and Above tax-bracket and have a gripe about a tax repeal. NOT an increase, a REPEAL so that our federal and state goverment can once again pay the bills and provide basic service to the taxpayer. Thanks to George W. and Dick, (and what McCain wants to continue) the oil companies excutives have received BILLIONS of dollars in tax credits while gas prices increased 300% to the working consumer. Thats right, the oil companies got everything they asked for with record profits, big bonuses and sticking-it to the consumer - thanks George! Thats the kind of kick-backs and ABUSE that Obama will repeal. YOU speak of national medical care, illegal immigration and the Iraq debacle as if Bush/McCain have a strong-hold on the issues and that Obama is clueless. Question - besides being mesmerized by FOX (faux new) where have you been the last seven years?? Education, Medical, Immigration, National security, the constitution and the national debt have taken a back-seat to this President (and McCain) while the invasion/occupaton of Iraq has become a distraction and the REAL war on terror continues to threaten our national security unabated. McCain/Bush "stay the course" mentality doesn't cut it. I want to know my President at the very least knows the difference between sunni and shitte BEFORE he invades a country that is NOT an immenient threat to our security. We need REAL leadership, someone who can "think, walk and chew gum at the same time". Even for this REPUBLICAN, Obama offers that change. As far as the sign, I find it humorous and can only hope the sign-owner can educate himself on fact rather than hype. Same goes for poster, soprano1.
State Farm
Posted by Big Picture on 2008-07-16 11:33:42
State Farm didn't get a chance to screw me. They dragged a friend of mine through the mud in her claim when she had an accident in her car. That's when I dropped them and went with USAA. Hey, but the guy is right about Obama. He sucks and will fleece the tax payer and punish small businessmen for being successful. They will stop hiring and lay off their employees and this country will go down the toilet.
Go ahead Tomcat
Posted by Big Picture on 2008-07-16 11:40:19
Vote for Nobama if you want. I'll be canceling it out.
Time you see the "Big Picuture"
Posted by Tomcat on 2008-07-16 12:14:18
Sorry Big Picture...but, I've gotta ask the same question "where have you been the last seven years"? You are worried about the country going down the toilet - granted, under Bush/McCain we are just one flush away. Under George W. Bush (rubber-stamped by McCain) - the Dow has tanked, the dollar is worthless against the euro, jobs sent overseas, and the highest national debt in history has us just steps from becoming a third-world country and John McCains wants more of the same. Honestly, I admire McCains military record and service to our country however, like George W. Bush that doesn't mean he should be anointed President. Hopefully our country doesn't elect the next president based on fear or ignorance.
Posted by Fair Taxer on 2008-07-16 16:14:17
I have no clue if Bud Gregg is a racist or not, but he is right about Obama raising taxes. Repealing the Bush tax cuts will raise ALL of our taxes.

I do not support the Democrats, but the Republicans have really irritated me also. Here is a better alternative, be you white or black, conservative or liberal:

Check into House Bill HR-25, The Fair Tax! Learn about this incredible SOLUTION at www.fairtax.org.

Here's a brief pre-view:
No more IRS!
No more payroll taxes!
No more inheritance death tax.
No more capital gains tax.
No more tax forms to fill out.
No more fear of the IRS.
Receive a monthly pre-bate from the government.
Bring business from overseas back to the U.S.
Motiate the U.S. economy beyond blief.
Drug pushers and tax evaders finally pay tax.
Illegal immigrants pay their fair share of taxes.
Give power back to the American People!
...and much, much more.

Call 1-800-FAIR TAX or go to www.FairTax.org to learn the truth that the politicians (on BOTH sides) DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW!

Do your part: Write your Congressman and Senators and DEMAND that they pass The Fair Tax into Law! Then only vote for those who support The Fair Tax.

Now quit your bitchin and go make a difference!
Posted by SC Flip Flop on 2008-07-16 21:07:03
State Farm Agents are independent contractors. State Farm will not make Mr. Gregg remove his sign. It's his office, his sign, his land, and his freedom of speech. I have been a State Farm customer for 18 years and will never change. I have seen first hand what an awesome company it is. I just hope that this is Bud Gregg's sign and not someone who has altered this photo and made his life a living HE*#!! Good luck Bud!!
fact checker
Posted by mn2long on 2008-07-16 22:22:31
SC Flip Flop is wrong. I work for State Farm and took it upon myself to report this to MR Gregg's superiors. While he is an independent contractor, State Farm owns the rights to the name and he is forbidden to attach anything he wants to it. I was notified that as of July 3rd the sign was taken down. I myself would like to see him let go. Being a State Farm agent is a privilege, not a right, and this idiot needs to go to his clan meetings on his own time. I would personally like to let Mr Gregg know how embarassing it is to be associated with him and his idiotic politics. As for all of you defending him and cutting down Obama. How do you propose we fix the economy that Bush and his cronies have ruined? You spend money, you pay it back. Hopefully you have the money BEFORE you spend it. No taxes equal a larger deficit. Any of you who dont get that, dont deservce the right to vote.
Posted by C Petty on 2008-07-17 10:44:55
I think its funny. lmao.
Posted by Galoux on 2008-07-17 13:36:49
Good grief, Yank in TX, learn to read! The Snopes article says that while it sounds like the sort of slip-up a politician might make, Obama did NOT say it. Snopes furthermore goes on to explain the genesis of it, which was a foreign e-mail sent to a blog writer, and it was actually about McCain! The link is here: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/change.asp.
The problem with the Net is that it allows people to blab misinformation all over the place, while few avail themselves of the reputable sources on the Net to find out the truth.
Posted by Jessie on 2008-07-17 15:08:45
You haters are all idiots. Just because you like Obama doesn't mean everyone else has to. Just for the record I am for Obama. If this is they way this guy feels then he is entitled to his opinion. Also just because Obama is black doesn't mean he will have a black uprising in the White House like some of you racist think. Heck even Jesse Jackson doesn't like him and everyone knows Jesse is always up for ANY black cause be it right or wrong. The only reason Jesse is backing him is because he is black. Jesse said Obama is talking down to black people and I think quite a few black folks feel the same way so I don't believe he will get as many black votes. Anyway what I am trying to say is everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you don't believe that then go to some communist country where they tell you what to think.
Posted by The only adult in the room. on 2008-07-17 20:37:36
Grow up, all of you....
Posted by guyfroml on 2008-07-19 02:59:51
Please, don't hold, back tell us how much you REALLY HATE WHITE PEOPLE! I'm about to drop a bomb on you...I'm the guy who took the first picture of Bud Gregg's sign and posted it all over the internet. It was an interesting experiment because I sent it to only two people, neither of which are in my regular email group. I wanted to see how long it would take to make its way back to me. I did this without Bud's knowing - not that he would have had a problem with it - and the results of my little experiment have been fascinating.

Yes, the sign did come down - but NOT because of State Farm. Bud NEVER received any specific request from Illinois to take the sign down. It was only after receiving threats from "kooks" - possibly you - did the sign have to come down since two ladies often work in the office with Bud out on business.

How do I know all this...like I said, I started all this, I am a client of Bud, and Bud, his wife, myself and my wife are all close friends. I'm proud to be his friend and be a part of all this.

The one thing I've learned from all this is Chris Rock has it wrong - his famous punch line.."it's alright if it's white" is a farce. This entire experiment has proven only liberals, blacks, gays and the like appear to have a 1st Amendment Constitution right, but whites and conservates - we're supposed to keep our mouths shut! Talk about your "two-faced" idiotic notions. Can you or anyone else tell me exactly when was it that God came down from the heavens and made you kooks of minority opinion the judge and jury over the moral majority?
Posted by Rebubbacan on 2008-07-19 14:52:23
To all the Obama hatuz! Go ahead! Continute to enjoy getting that big red, white, and blue d*ck rammed up your a**es!..."
Posted by me on 2008-07-20 21:25:16
For the Record
Posted by wow on 2008-07-20 21:56:00
I am a State Farm employee and damn proud of it! To the guy who claims he started it all, your facts are incorrect. That sign did come down and he was told to have it down by 5pm July 3rd. In the contract he signed, it says anything detrimental to State Farm could be considered a breech of contract. Sound like a breech to me! He is intitled to his opinion and the first amendment, but to attach that garbage to the State Farm sign is cleary not intelligent. Fact, that sign belongs to him, but the words State Farm Insurance written in big red letters belong to State Farm. So in essence, he does not have an opinion or first amendment rights when using someone else's registered trademark. Hopefully, you understand that. If he were smarter, he would have put that shit in his own yard....By the way, Barack has more education that you and Bud Gregg put together......Face it, he will be your president. And you will like it.
Posted by cougartino on 2008-07-21 13:03:11
For the Record, I too, am a State Farm Employee. I have enough problems trying to handle claims on a daily basis without this clown's actions.
Former La Resident
Posted by John M on 2008-07-21 20:11:45
What ever happened to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. If he believes, as I do, that Barack Obama is an idiot and dangerous to the future of our country, let him say it or post it. What happens to his business is...well...his business. I appreciate the poster near the top of the page who said he was in New Orleans during Katrina. That should say it all...why in the world would you be in a bowl during a hurricane? Why risk it...but that is his business also, as is the right to complain about help not coming soon enough...wait it did come, but they were shot at by the residents who stayed. Oops. I have used State Farm my entire adult life and have been treated fairly by them. I only recently moved from La for a business oppty, after spending my entire life there. And imagine that, New Orleans voting Democrat. Let's all pause for a moment and let the shock of that one sink in. High crime rates, corrupt government and police, gay pride parades rivaling San Francisco...I could go on and on...a perfect example of the values that this country was founded on. ha. LONG LIVE FREE SPEECH, and all the freedoms that Obama wants to take away.
Racist Fools
Posted by Le Bron Jackson on 2008-07-22 13:47:07
Wow I never thought that the so very open-minded democrat population would be so prejudice in their statements about southern whites, State Farm, Louisiana and Republicans. But I guess I should not be surprised because democrats are the real racists and ignorant fools in the country.

Your ignorant and prejudice statements have all distracted from the issue at hand. The fact is that Obama did say what the sign states. But somehow this all became about Katrina. It’s like this huge trump card that people think they can play. It’s not. People who bring up Katrina as some means in which to play the victim are fools. The fact is that anyone in New Orleans KNEW that they were living in hurricane alley. They KNEW that they lived in an area that was BELOW sea level. They KNEW a gigantic hurricane was coming toward them and yet. So many people stood there and did nothing.

The Democratic mayor of New Orleans did nothing. In fact he told people who were evacuating to turn around and go home. The Democratic government of New Orleans had no plan for this kind of thing. And all the money that was supposed to be used to fix the levies went to corrupt pet projects of the mayor and other politicians.

The police force quit and ran away. The citizens were looting and pillaging instead of helping each other out. If this is was Democrats do, then I can’t wait to see what a Democrat Congress and Obama try to do in the next two years.

I would not be proud of anything that happened during Katrina except for one thing. I was there in the US Navy bringing supplies and helping rescue people during those times and so were a few others in the Coast Guard and FEMA. You can say that FEMA was a failure but in reality if New Orleans and Louisiana’s governments had done their job correctly it would never have been the disaster it was.

So you can be proud and vote Democrat all you want but apparently the only thing that the heavily democrat population of New Orleans was able to accomplish was to create a society of victims who were unable to think or act for themselves. All they did was stand on top of their houses and cry that the Federal Government wasn’t coming fast enough to rescue them.

Some people truly needed help and for those I felt badly but then again the Democrats that the New Orleans people put into office were unwilling or unable to do anything for them. For the rest of the able-bodied that were in New Orleans in those days I can’t say I felt all that bad for them. What were they thinking? I was born and raised in Florida and I know that when a hurricane is coming, you need to get the h*ll out of there.

This is the kind of society that Obama and his Democrats want to create everywhere. A place where we are all victims and incapable of defending or taking care of ourselves. No thank you. I’ll take the old white guy and the Republicans.

I grew up in poverty and I know what Democrats “do for us.” They don’t do anything but hand out scraps and make us vote for them again and again because they “care about us.” It is BS. Democrats are the most racists SOB’s in the country and are always first to point out a man’s race, color, religion etc… My republican (white) friends never treated me different because I was black. I felt like they liked me for who I was and not for what I was.

Some of you fools will never get it though…

LeBron Jackson
Black Republican
US Navy Veteran
Response to "WOW"
Posted by guyfroml on 2008-07-23 19:29:30
Wow, I stand affirmed and correct in what I initially posted in regards to the story of how the sign came down. Bud Gregg told me he was contacted on the morning of July 3rd by a State Farm executive in Illinois. According to Bud, the nature of the conversation went like this - the executive asked him about the sign. Bud immediately replied the sign had already been taken down. Bud said the executive's immediate response was "Thank you, Bud" and hung up. Bud says the telephone conversation barely lasted 30 seconds. Now, I do not know "if" State Farm was going to ask him, but for the record NO ONE ASKED HIM to take it down - or got the chance to. Bud said there was no discussion about so called "contractual agreements" or the like between himself and the executive that called...nothing else was discussed.

After the threat, the sign came down on July 2nd - or it might have been July 1st.

Also, as a point of trivial interest, and to give credibility to my account of events - that white Toyota 4-Runner you see in the background behind the famous sign - that's my car. The photo you're looking at - I took. As I said, I was there in the middle of this thing from the beginning.
Posted by George Gush on 2008-07-24 19:49:54
It's interesting this agent has this ad. State Farm is a huge sponsor of The National Council of La Raza- a racist hate group supporting illegal immigration. Drop your policies with them. Protect your own job and country from illegal immigration. Go to Boycottstatefarminsurance.com
You Go Bud
Posted by Dan4Bud on 2008-07-28 18:33:38
If I lived in the area I'd change my insurance agent and go with Bud Gregg.
Posted by passengeratlarge on 2008-08-01 08:00:22
Geez ... Reading through the opinions expressed here about Bud Gregg´s expressed opinions there -- we can all agree on that, right? -- has certainly made me think a little.
Consider that beginning with Mr. Gregg and continuing on down to whomever this issue touches, each of us as people of a country as free as ours are guaranteed the right to offer an opinion of our own.
It´s a good reminder to me of one of the reasons I´m pround to be an American. Ironically, some of the actual views shared here are an equally good reminder of how embarassing it can be to call myself American.
Maybe I´m just unable to distinguish sarcasm from true anguish any more but I sure hope there´s a middle ground out there opinion-wise, and that they have wisely refrained from offering it here.
I Love This Guy!
Posted by Bart Simpson on 2008-08-13 19:30:27
Way to go Bud!

Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there!
Posted by angelinmandeville on 2008-09-02 17:37:34
Reading the blogs on this site makes me proud to be an American, A State Farm policyholder, and a policyholder of Bud Gregg. Hope it does not offend you to know that I will stick with State Farm and my agent Bud Gregg. Isn't it great to enjoy our Freedom to express our thoughts and feelings. We all have important things to say.
Thank you America, Thank you State Farm & Thank You Bud Gregg.

I am not green-toothed, nor have I never been affiliated with the KKK, nor would I want to be.
My family, my friends, my business associates who all reside in Mandeville all have full sets of Pearly Whites, we are well-educated and hold good-paying jobs that support our great tax base for which we are proud. We are every day Americans that make Mandeville, LA one of the fastest growing commmunities in St Tammnay Parish and our Great State of LA. Our schools are blue-ribbon public schools and we enjoy some of the best crime stats in the entire GNO area. I am a Proud resident of Mandeville, LA. My early childhood was spent in New Orleans, I attended and graduated from high school and college in New Orleans. Myself as many fled to the North Shore of New Orleans for numerous reasons: CRIME, SCHOOLS, FLOODING, FEAR, LOCAL GOV'T, in general a better way of life to raise our children and grandchildren.

The hateful postings on this site are not surprising but extremely hurtful. It is truly scandalous. Being a 54 year old female who raised a 28 year old daughter on her own without gov't socialistic support I am once again reminded of how truly hateful our liberal friends???? can be.
What a sorrowful time we live in when one can't express their feelings though they may not be in agreement with yours.
I have read the sign over and over again and can't seem to find the racism in the statements made. I pay more than my fair share in taxes and understand the relation to the chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. It is realistic to say that some of us get weary of supporting gov't programs that are so infested with fraud. Does it surprise you to know that our Medicare/Medicaid program is estimated to have over 32% fraud? What about social security? Does the word FEMA strike a chord with anyone? What about our public school system? What gov't agency has proven to be proficient in anything that they run??? Can anyone give me a logical answer to that one?????? Do you have difficulty answering this question? Choose your Gov't agency Du Jour and support your GREAT SOCIAL CHANGE to this green-toothed, KKK loving (according to you), goober in Mandeville. For those of you who may not know we have one of the highest per-capita incomes in the State of La. This does not happen by a stroke of good-luck but by Hard-Work. Something some of you may not understand or be aware of.

What about all of this poppycock of our liberal friends being so kind-hearted with offers of GREAT CHANGE to reach across party-lines and hold so called LOVE-INS. With all due respect I don't see it, hear it nor see it. You prove yourselves over and over again with your hateful words, your slander, your spin, your racism,your narrow-minded verbage, your over reaction, your language skills, is it really necessary to call people a---s, d-------s, or drop the F-Bomb to get a point across because we don't agree with you?

Since when has it been offensive to be a Proud-White American? It's time to get it right - it is okay to be white. For that matter it is okay to be who and what you are.

Vote and speak which way you wish, but keep in mind that your hateful spew on a community of WHITE FOLK as you so blatantly refer to will rise to the occassion in November. We have no need for your psycho-babble nor will we stand on the side-lines. We will stand our ground with great INTENSITY.

Your candidate is at best a PRETENDER, a great speaker with NO BEEF and No Pork as they say to back up all of his rhetoric.

By the way I am a female that went from being a homeless mother to one that adds and contributes to society. Anyone can make their way in life if they so choose - in life it is all about choice - not circumstances. We all have equal opportunity to acquire a public education and to apply ourselves to make a better way in life. It does require an effort and some personal accountability along with Perserverance.

Now since we always have to bring Katrina into the fold let's talk about some of the wonderful things that State Farm did for their Policyholders. State Farm issued upfront checks to their policyholders for $2500 no questions asked within a short time frame. This was in order to help support anyone who had been displaced due to the storm. The checks were made available immediately. If you had the proper amount of coverage you were reimbursed for any expenses incurred for repair and replacement.
My husband & I were treated extremely fair with our damages from Katrina. And yes we did have significant damage. Three trees in our home and a 35 ft. hole in one area of our roof line. You did have to prove & support doucmentation that the repair work was indeed completed. We recieved our money and numerous supplements during our claim process.
Hurricane Katrina was not our first experience with proper Claims handling by State Farm Insurance. We are living proof of being treated fairly/promptly by State Farm & Bud Gregg.
In 1995 we resided in Metairie another suburb of New Orleans, we had 3 feet of water in our home due to the flood in May. Again, State Farm repaired our home to the standards that our policy paid for. We were the first on our block to receive money necessary to get work done on our home. My vehicle also sat in 6 feet of water, a check was cut within two weeks of the flood for the value of the car no more, no less.
Having an insurance policy does not give us Carte Blanche to make it a Money Making Policy. Unfortunately many people view their Ins. policy as a way to make money and to come out ahead. Your Ins policy is there to offer you Peace of Mind and to restore you to the terms of your policy. And no I do not, nor have I ever worked for State Farm or any Insurance company for that matter.

While we are bringing up Katrina let's do talk about all the things that went right with Gustav -
Can I hear a Ta-Da for our Governor Bobby Jindal?
Anyone remember how our local gov't let down an entire State & GNO? What a difference a Governor can make. No second-coming of Katrina - the assesment is encouraging. Intense planning and people heeding instruction to evacuate.
The relief efforts were great planning between gov't offices - coordination & communication between mayor's & governor's make all of the difference. It makes more sense to cross lines and communicate to ensure the well being of the people - the ones who elect those to public office to serve the people. Do you recall all of the blame being passed around during Katrina - more focus on Blame instead of Action? I for one will take action any day.

I know I am not alone in being grateful to be an American - Why don't we spend more time on things that make us more intelligent and positive forces in life. Hopefully, some of you have a heart and quit spewing your hatred, some of us are growing quite tired of your EVIL WAYS. Why not express yourself and start loving this great country we live in. Enjoy your freedom of Speech and maybe focus on the things that do go Right In Life.

It can't all be that bad.
Speaking Freely
Posted by Blowing the Whistle on 2008-09-30 17:33:07
In response to...Setting the Record Straight
Posted by Mike Fernandez - VP, Public Affairs, State Farm on 2008-07-09 17:53:34. Mr. Fernandez's response is a Public Affairs response and not even close to the truth. Having worked for State Farm for over 20 years until their Enron-like reorganization pre-Katrina I know for a fact they were and probably still are very politically active and opinionated. State Farm DID have a political action committee but I believe it was under the title of Urban Market Affairs. State Farm is notorious for protecting their own especially if they are related to Congressman William Jefferson. Don't kid yourself. It is pretty scary! The company is owned by its policyholders so there is little if any accountability and a grossly misuse of policyholder funds. At one time the Public Affairs Dept. acted as a liaison to lobby for State Farm in Louisiana (I suspect the same happened in other states) and later they hired a local big named politician lobbyist to lobby for their special interests. He may actually still be on the payroll. He worked for State Farm only so he was paid handsomely. Please, Mr. Fernandez, the public is not stupid!
Stupid people suck
Posted by Rita on 2008-10-05 12:54:40
I can't believe the ignorance displayed in these messages. Obama isn't muslim. His tax plan is far superior than McCain's and is better for "Joe sixpack." Obama never said the "change it" quote - and people who aren't complete morons know that.

Louisiana is a hotbed of redneck, KKK tools.
Free Speech
Posted by InNC on 2008-10-05 21:51:30
For those going on and on about free speech, for once in your life, read..

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Does people giving their opinion on this issue constitute Congress making a law abridging freedom of speech? No.

As a citizen, you are free to say what you want, and also just as free to get called out over it and have the public hold you up for derision, point out your lies, stupidity, or intolerance.

There is no inherent right not to have the public point at you and shout you down.

There is also no inherent right from having your employer telling you to remove something that appears to suggest they sponsor an idea or opinion that could hurt their business.

You are free to say what you want, but part of that freedom is also taking personal responsibility for your speech.

If some idiots actually threatened harm over this, they need to go to jail.

But those people informing Bud of their opinion of him or others like him, or making their displeasure known through their wallets. Well, that's all part of the freedom of this country and my best advice is for him and his peers is to stop whining and going on about how "my rights are being taken away".

I'm looking at you guyfroml, (oh, the backs and gays are out to get me) having the general public telling you that you are an idiot and frankly should shut up is part of the responsibility you bear for free speech.

If Congress starts passing laws to shut you up by force of law, I'll be right their fighting for you, until then I'll tell you that your bigoted idiocy simply reaffirms the stereotypes that you complain about.

So stop whining and blaming the blacks (gays, liberals, or anyone who is different than you) for "keeping you down".
Posted by guyfroml on 2008-10-27 01:53:44
You wrote..."I'm looking at you guyfroml, (oh, the backs and gays are out to get me) having the general public telling you that you are an idiot and frankly should shut up is part of the responsibility you bear for free speech."

No, InNC, you're not looking at me. Clearly you didn't read correctly what I wrote. My comments point out, and accurately I might add, the hypocrisies of the liberal movement and anyone else who claims to be the oppressed. They were simple obersavations.

I see no one out go get me, except perhaps Obama with higher taxes. I'm a true conservative. That means I take responsibility for my own life and for my own failures - though I am very successful at what I do for a living. I am equally content with myself, unlike liberals who vividly, even violently, express such anger at everyone else in the world to doesn't totally accept them for who and what they are. Ever notice liberals ALWAYS point the finger of blame (for their own failures in life) at everyone else?

What liberals fail to understand is all we conservatives want is to really to be left alone. Live how you want to live, but don't come to my front door trying to jam your ways and beliefs down my throat.

Your pointing me out in your comments is not only inaccurate but grossly unfair due to its misjudgement. Your comment implies my being a bigot or even a racist. Not only is that an insult, but it shows ignorance on your part for not seeing all I've ever posted is my honest observations - but, to a liberal that would be perceived as an insult or even an attack...typical. And it doesn't bother me in the least if someone wants to tell me to shut up. You're right, it also is their constitutional right if they want to tell me to shut up, but it's also my right to ignore them - and I do - all the while doing it with a smile on my face. Because unlike liberals, I'm not miserable and angry at the world. And should I ever get angry, it will be directed at myself - I won't blame anyone else for my mistake.

Still, I couldn't help notice in all your elegent wording I did not see where you actually mention that I was incorrect in anything I said. Oh, sure you might have accused me of whining, but you still didn't say I was wrong. Well, I wasn't whining and I surely wasn't wrong. But, I'm sure you will now.
Posted by Bonemann on 2009-12-18 21:57:43
Well a year has gone by and look how this so called president has ruined this country. Great depression 2 right around the corner. Bud Gregg was right after all.
State Farm Agent Bud Gregg
Posted by W.V. Lady on 2010-03-27 13:07:40
I would assume that Bud Gregg is a Republican from looking at his sign, he must of voted for that stupid George Bush, Dick Channey, & staff that put us in this mess,it will take longer to get us out of this than it did to put us in it. Their are so many racis in this country still, they want President O'bama to fail, am 71 yrs. old female white, i voted for O'bama and will do it again if he run's for office. He is trying very hard to do what is right for the American People, you should be writing letter's to Congress & your Legslator's to help him turn this Country around, to bring our job's back into the United States, and to get strictor Law's against Child Melastion, & Crimanals, our prisons are running over, they need to make these people work in prison to support themself's. The people in USA should never sell a piece of land to foran countries, this is American Soil and it need's to be sold to American People. I have had State Farm Insurance since 1967, if my agent did this i would leave State Farm, and i think Bud Gregg should have his licens taken away, i bet Bud has never served in the Military. If people does not wise up, and turn back to more moral values, and care more for his neighbor,and country,..it will not be long until China comes into the United States and takes it over, the Bible is being more full filled everyday. My state is being destroyed by The Coal Industry, destroying our beautiful Mountains and making a TOXIC Dump out of it, all for the love of MONEY & GREED. I came back out of retirement to try and save our mountains here, out of love, i do volanteer work to try and stop destruction. Our Country need's healing, have a blessed day, and fight for American rights.
OBAMA = Idiot - Looks like Gregg is Correct
Posted by OBAMA = Idiot - Looks like Gregg is Correct on 2010-03-27 20:37:42
All of you morons who voted for our Idiot President have now turned our medical system into the post office! congrats.. I have a suggestion for those who attack Gregg.. GET A JOB! Pay your own way.. I am tired of paying your Mortgage, your medical bills, for your food stamps and your general living expenses - "Liberal = Free Loader"
Learn to Spell
Posted by Hey V.W. Lady on 2010-03-27 20:43:23
Hey VW lady.. looks like Obamas "Gobernment skool sistems did U gud - the problm with yur 71 yers is after al 71 of them your suport for the Socalist OBAMA shows eberyone else how stuped gobernment skools edumicate people.." You Bet VW Lady - Obama is the answer just look at what the government has done for you!! No wonder you need a hand out...
Kudos for Bud Gregg
Posted by Justice on 2010-06-14 12:53:12
Thanks to State Farm, especially Bud Gregg for stating the obvious!! Thank you so much for having the GUTS to say what most American Citizens are thinking and feeling about Obama and his people who are taking us down in the worst economy in the US History!! Wake up American! Stop complaining about the TRUTH! Thanks so much for us sane American Citizens who see the truth, not the idiots that have their head buried in the sand..
Looks like Bud and I were right!
Posted by guyfroml on 2010-07-18 01:40:02
It's been almost two years, so I thought I'd revisit this site to see what people have since posted. Boy, did time prove me and Bud to be correct. Just look at how Obama and the Dempukes Party are INTENTIONALLY trying to destroy our beloved country. Yes, I say "intentional" because you don't need a PhD in political science to understand that the only way a socialist-communist can possibly succeed is by first destroying the democratic-capitalistic system presently in place.

Everything everyone warned about Obama has now come to pass. Dump this idiot on election day. Get out and vote this November 2010. Stop this communist NOW!
Posted by Eightman on 2012-02-24 14:22:08
I think anyone who blames Bush for our problems now is just plain ignorant. And, ANYONE who wants another 4 years of Obama socialism ideas just doesn't get it. And, it has nothing to do with race so don't play that racism card with me like you ALWAYS do. It's so easy, isn't it.
A Bud Gregg sequel is coming?
Posted by guyfroml on 2012-02-25 01:05:59
A little birdie told me everyone should be on the look out this year for a "sequel sign" on or near Bud Gregg's office. I can't wait to see it!
Look who's stupid now!
Posted by guyfroml on 2012-03-20 01:28:09
Hey W.V. Lady, after looking at Obama's horrible record over the past 3+ years, who's looking stupid now?


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