Kenneth Copeland Says Only God Can See His Financial Records

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Last fall, Senator Charles Grassley on the Senate Finance Committee, began probing the finances of six TV evangelists whose lifestyles include mansions, Rolls-Royces, and private jets, all paid for out of church funds. Grassley told BBC, “I would not contribute to an organization that is Christian and evangelical with money being wasted that way.”

While some have cooperated, some have not, going to far as to suggest their financial records belong to "God."

Funny thing, according to the bible (Luke 20:25), Jesus disagrees.

Every year America’s best known TV evangelists bring in hundreds of millions of dollars from donors all over the world. But as BBC’s Jonathan Beale reports, some of the evangelists’ own lifestyles have begun to ring alarm bells and have prompted a Senate investigation into their activities.

Four of the ministers have since complied with the probe, but Rev. Kenneth Copeland, whose congregation recently bought him a $20 million private jet to preach the gospel, is holding out against the inquiry, which he claims is “aimed at publicly questioning the religious beliefs of the targeted churches.”

“It’s not yours, it’s God’s, and you’re not going to get it,” Copeland says of his financial records. He has launched a website to publicize his crusade and has received support from several leading conservatives, including Paul Weyrich and Kenneth Blackwell.


Posted by Trees of My Time on 2008-07-09 06:42:49
Religions should NOT be tax exempt. They are in many cases created to make money, not for the greater glory of a Supreme Being.

I think that the most of the Founding Fathers (with exception like Adams} were generally Agnostic, but believed so forcefully in personal freedoms that they had a strong tolerance the Religious.


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