Nader: America Isn't Screwed Up Enough; Runs For President

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Ralph Nader says he will run again as an independent for the US presidency.

The anti-establishment consumer advocate made the announcement in a televised interview on Sunday.

Mr Nader was accused by many Democrats of handing the presidency to George W Bush in the November 2000 elections. He ran again unsuccessfully in 2004.

Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are vying for the Democratic ticket. Senator John McCain is almost certain to run for the Republicans.

Nearly three million Americans - more than 2% of the vote - backed Mr Nader when he stood as the Green Party candidate in the 2000 presidential election.

That election was so close that a small proportion of those votes - particularly in the key state of Florida - would have put Al Gore in the White House.

"I'm running for president," Mr Nader said as he announced the move on NBC's Meet the Press.

He said most Americans were disenchanted with the Democratic and Republican parties - who were not discussing the urgent issues facing American voters


Nader needs to get a grip
Posted by Shadeaux63 on 2008-02-26 06:44:15
America may be disenchanted with the two major parties, but not enough people in this nation are going to vote for the likes of Nader to do anything other than insure a Republican victory- just like the last two elections he has taken part in.It wouldn't be that way if more people took third party candidates seriously, but they don't.All Nader is doing is making sure we have Bush Lite(McCain)getting elected in 08.
Posted by Pile on 2008-02-28 16:13:22
Democracy is a device that insures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.
- George Bernard Shaw


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