MTV Refuses To Air *Buy Nothing Day* Ad

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Adbusters, in order to call attention to rampant consumerism, has been promoting the idea of "Buy Nothing Day" on November 23rd. They wanted to run their advertisement on MTV but the network refused! See the controversial ad MTV was too chicksh*t to run, and consider not being a consumer sheep on November 23.

From Adbusters:

MTV, the channel that markets itself to hip youth, has decreed that our Buy Nothing Day public service spot "goes further than we are willing to accept on our channels". Gangsta rap and sexualized, semi-naked school girls are okay, but apparently not a burping pig talking about consumption. If you object to this sort of corporate censorship, why not send them a message now?


North America: 23rd November, 2007 International: 24th November, 2007

Despite a recent, high-profile UN warning that human-created climate change is "unequivocal" and may bring about "abrupt and irreversible" environmental problems, MTV Networks in the United States has refused to sell airtime for commercials promoting a major international eco-friendly event.

Send MTV a message!


pirates and terrorists
Posted by fredimerc on 2007-11-22 01:54:47
Global warming and the sky is falling fosil fuels and alternative fuels.Pigs and gasaholics parawords to ponder.In the third grade they taught us the earth axis has a slight wabble and this causes unpredictable weather patterns and over millions of years ice ages and deadly cycles have been and will always be a part of life on earth.There are humans who will always use nature eclipses sunami hurricanne lightning fire etc as part of there whitch craft to deceive and mislead for their own self purposes:the modern day politician,the jornalist who needs a hot story,the salem witch hunts,The pirates of the Ivory coast,and now we have the enrons and exxons who deceive us and mislead us from alternative clean fuels using phony shortages and data to keep us on the hook. Use your head and think what you would do to keep an enemy off guard,distract them with wars and fear of soon to come calamity"global warming"hurricanes,floods.All reasons to gouge and destroy our economy?What did we learn from the pirates at Enron? We learned that as soon as we stopped giving them our money they were gone in three days.Our money.NO money No Enron.We made a change happen over night !!Do you get mad seeing the damage fuel gouging is diong to our country? A war in Iraq is robbing our future and killing Americans.Is it possible that we could use our money as a weapon to put another energy pirate out of business and show the leaders of gouging we will take them out one by one until they give us fair prices ,alternative fuels.and services that do not destroy natural resources. By the way who s paying for the war our enemies are fighting? Where does all the money come from to kill and mame our soldiers.Who s going to pay us back for the investment we have made in the middle east. Are we being distracted by those who are building there bankrolls.I read the stock exchange and in this country EXXMO is my first pick. Wake up stop being distracted by the BS !! The money in your pocket is your weapon to bring change and peace.Start today Dont use your money at companies that lead the pack in gouging.think before you use your weapon.Lets put the pirates out with Enron.
Posted by ueberbill on 2007-11-26 11:33:41
That was the craziest stream of consciousness post I've ever read.


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