New Dodge Nitro Ad May Offend Animal Lovers

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Ya think? Well, watch for yourself and comment...

NOTE: This video was up on YouTube but is no longer available - THIS GOT THE BSALERT ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY SHUT DOWN. Dodge has had it pulled. Ironically, they are also telling people it is an Internet hoax. This is not true. The ad, featuring a Dodge car, electrocuting a dog into a flaming pile of ashes, was created by an ad agency that works with them.

Most annoying about this is that YouTube has the audacity to shut down peoples' accounts when everybody knows a huge portion of the content on their site is a violation of copyright.

In yet another classic "what works there won't work over here" story US based consumers were aghast at the Dodge Nitro ad where a poor widdle doggie is electrocuted by the car, which could be seen on youtube up until a few hours ago. But Chrysler Group in the states managed to put a stop to that. The ad was created by a Dutch agency, and walked in Ford ka's footsteps of cars killing pets. ;)

"Chrysler Group was dismayed to discover today that an advertisement created by an ad agency supporting our Netherlands Market Performance Center goes far beyond the bounds of what the company considers appropriate. The advertisement for the new Dodge Nitro, recently introduced into the market, which includes fictional yet inappropriate treatment of an animal, is in extremely bad taste.

Although European commercials especially "viral" ads like this one are often edgier, this one went over the edge. Chrysler Group is investigating the origins of this commercial.

We have requested the viral ad be pulled from"

Jason Vines, Vice President Communications for the Chrysler Group


Posted by Joe on 2007-07-20 13:02:29
He'll never do that again!
Posted by Pastor Ken on 2007-07-21 11:59:55
Youtube lists the video being removed at the request of Daimler-Chrystler due to " a copyright claim"
THAT sounds like they own the commercial and its not an "internet prank"
Posted by wizeGurl on 2007-07-21 12:00:05
Posted by Anon on 2007-07-21 15:10:54
There was an ad a couple years ago with a cat getting decapitated by a sun-roof. It was later claimed to be a demo ad produced by the ad agency, and had never been approved for release, but was somehow 'leaked' to the Web.

It's always "never approved" after it offends. That's how viral marketing works. The company gets exposure no matter what, and if it pisses somebody off, the anonymous ad agency takes the "blame".
Posted by Pile on 2007-07-21 19:12:12
btw, Dodge complained about this and BSAlert's YouTube account was suspended as a result.

Can you believe this? Our account was suspended because of a TV COMMERCIAL?
Posted by wizeGurl on 2007-07-22 22:52:19
The video is still available at the attached link, though.
See you...Thanks, its great to receive such positive comments.
Posted by Mistana on 2008-10-27 08:15:42
I glad too see this interest site, I tell my friends about it!
That's ridiculous
Posted by Naomi on 2008-11-08 12:02:17
First off, it IS an effective commercial.

I wish I could slap those PETA idiots sometimes. They overreact way too much of the time.


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