Panhandling Comes To The Internet

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Hey, has your house burned down, or maybe you need $265 for a headstone for your brother's cemetary plot? Maybe you just need $10,000 for some equipment to make movies? Just get behind your computer and go to the Internet's newest site where, in exchange for your dignity, you can pander for cash...

It's called the Robin Hood Fund. It looks pretty much like an elaborate scheme, but you'd be surprised how many people will sign up thinking they're going to get free money...

Step 1 - Make a Wish

At no cost to you the Robinhood Fund community can make your wish come true. Don't believe it? Check out the wishes we've already granted to members of the Robin Hood Fund community. Submit your naughty or nice wish for the chance to share in the specified period's pot. Your wish goes up for voting at the beginning of the new week, and competes with fellow wishers for the entirety of that week. Remember, your wish has the best chance if it's in the right place. There are two categories, meaning two wishes are granted per week. Here's more:


Not every wish is about saving the world, saving a life, or saving a soul. Be a little selfish. If your wish is about something you just want, this is the category for you.
An example would be a car. You don't NEED the car, but you want it, so it should go in the naughty category. However, if you wanted a gift for your husband, that should also go in the naughty category, for you do not need it, you want to give him one.


Sometimes people need a helping hand. If you are an innocent victim of cruel fate, failing health, dire circumstance, or know of a worthwhile cause who is, post your wish to "Nice." You will be grouped with other noble, deserving wishes for a little help from the Robinhood Fund.

A good example would be money for the doctor. You desperately need to help your sick son, but you do not have the money to. This would be a good nice wish. Take a look at this week's nice wishes for examples.

*Miscategorized wishes are usually voted down, make sure to check your category!

Step 2 - The Community Decides :-)

No elite board of directors - you and your peers decide whose wishes to grant. People are also able to donate funds to wishes - the wisher will receive those funds whether or not they win. View wishes in each category to promote the worthiest wish of every type.

Remember, the more you have participated, the more your vote will be worth! If you vote a one or two star, that's a down vote which subtracts wish points, a three, four or five is an up vote which adds wish points.

Step 3 - Wishes are Granted

Each week, the coffers are emptied and the funds are distributed between the winners in each category, granting as many wishes as the amounts allow. If a person at the top wishes for 250 dollars, and the pot is 500 dollars, then the top person will get 250 dollars, while the 2nd person will get their wish, and so on until the fund is completely exhausted. It's just that simple.

I'm just curious... how much of the donated money goes towards peoples' wishes?


Posted by IDF on 2007-06-27 13:19:36
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