Museum Won't Make A Monkey Out Of Your Ancestors

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A new and exciting museum has just opened in Northern Kentucky. For those of you who think that dinosaurs and humans once frolicked together 6,000 years ago and that evolutionary scientists are full of Satan's lies then you've GOT to check it out. It's the Creation Museum, and it'll give you that warm and fuzzy Old Testament feeling!

The museum, which shows us what life was REALLY like back in the good old days (y'know, where women descend from ribs, God sent bears to kill kids for making fun of bald guys, and girls got their dads drunk and slept with them), was started by Dr. Ken Ham, CEO of Answers In Genesis (not really sure what the questions are). The good doctor (who holds the title because of an honorary degree from Temple Baptist College and two (2!) from the late great Jerry Falwell's Liberty University) believes that his museum shows both sides of the evolution debate. Which is why visitors to the museum see animatronic baby dinosaurs alongside two human children (like it says in the Bible). Other efforts to be even-handed involve hearing the interpretation of a fossil by a creation paleontologist (either God did it for kicks or Satan did it to trick us) and an evolutionary paleontologist (it's the remains of a creature millions or billions of years old slowly turned into a mineral by the verifiable combination of pressure and time). Dr. K believes that Christians have gotten intellectually dishonest about their scripture. "A literal Genesis is actually the foundational history for the rest of the Bible for all doctrine," says he. No word yet on when construction will begin on the related Young Earth Water Park and I Am Not A Monkey Petting Zoo.



Posted by Bob Joe on 2007-06-01 14:38:23
this kinda stuff makes me so angry, the museum owner says he's giving both sides to the story, but both are on "his" payroll. a lot of people just want the easy way out, and that just happens to be the "god snapped his fingers, and viola, every thing's here," way.
delicious irony
Posted by wizeGurl on 2007-06-09 20:20:36
It seems that the actor who plays Adam in the Creation Museum's film has a couple of less-than-biblical gigs in his past.



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