eBay Scammers Are Out Of Control

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The legitimate eBay community is apparently up in arms about a recent infestation of scams and fraudulent activity online. Rumor has it every time the mainstream media tries to do a story on this issue, the story suddenly disappears and then you see a bunch of eBay commercials on the network *cough* CNN *cough*

A special "eBay phish kit" is now being sold on the black market. This kit is complete with all the tools a scammer needs to set up a phony eBay look-alike site to skim peoples user IDs and passwords. It even includes assorted product images for fake auctions to get the unsuspecting user to click his identity away (or whisk the user off eBay and to whatever nefarious site you want to promote).

The new technique is called "Pharming" and it is rampant and after more than four months, the folks at eBay seem incapable of stopping it.

This eBay phishing scheme is much more sophisticated than traditional schemes. The newer versions actually host much of their identity-theft code on eBay itself, so when you click, you are on eBay and when you enter your login information, it still looks like you are on eBay.com but the information is redirected elsewhere.

In one situation, a scammer posted over 5,700 fake auctions at once! The auctions are for farm equipment with ridiculously low buy-it-now prices (how about a new bulldozer for under $4000?) The real owner of this account probably doesn't realize that he just posted almost 6000 fake auctions and someone is now scamming people using his account.

People are screaming for Meg Whitman, the CEO to step down and let someone who has a handle on cyber security take over eBay.

We at BSA contend the bigger problem is the Justice Department not prioritizing cyber crimes of this nature. When our Federal prosecutors get off their lazy butts and stop worrying about the Tommy Chongs of the world selling bongs, maybe they can stop the real criminals who are ripping millions of people off.

Here's a prime example or an online criminal who has been identified but not prosecuted.




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