"Vagina Institute" Poorly Disguised Sham

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Finally...a group devoted to serious scientific study of female sexuality. "The Vagina Institute specializes in collecting and processing, data and information about the vulva and vagina." Or is it?

As if the serious grammatical error in the very sentence describing the institute's mission weren't already a dead giveaway that something is up here, it takes about five seconds to figure out that the site is a gigantic fraud...not-very-good porn and, what's more, propaganda for various ineffective techniques to "enhance" women's naughty bits poorly disguised as clinical study of real medical and sexual issues. (URL withheld because we don't want to help its page rank...Google it if you must see for yourself.)

I've got no problem with porn, and hey, the Internet is unregulated...if you want to put up a site suggesting that poontang is ugly and needs dubiously effective, costly fixes at the earliest possible opportunity, have at it. But come on...let's at least be honest about it. The sad thing about this site is that a few women might actually come here looking for information about their vaginas and whether they are "normal," and come away convinced that they need to spend thousands of dollars on "natural, non-surgical solutions" before any guy would ever deign to look at them down there. (After all, everyone knows that looking is the #1 priority for guys when they've got a willing naked woman on their hands.) This site is no different from spam telling you how to make your penis bigger, except that it's not as up-front about it.

So what are a few clues that the site isn't what it seems? How about this "sentence" from the institute's mission statement quoted above: The overall appearance of the vulva, statistics of vagina size and defining what is feminine and what is not! Well, that's science for you. It's always defining purely subjective terms like "femininity," right? We need never wonder again, when we can have science determine for us what the nature of truth and beauty are. The scientists should really get on that pronto.

Another clue: to really explore the Vagina Institute's site, with its scientific exploration of topics like Ugly Vaginas Vs. Pretty Vaginas, Woman's Penis Size Preference (hey, there it is!), and Crazy, Weird and Unbelievable Things Women Do With Their Vaginas, you've got to pay a subscription fee of $17.95/month. We all know that scientific websites have to charge high fees due to the incredibly high demand for scientific knowledge!

Then there are the links to several associated sites: ones for labia enhancement, vagina enhancement, vaginal scent...all offering "natural" solutions for the hideous, stanky vaginas out there...and all for similar monthly subscription fees.

Ladies, if you're curious about your lady parts, there are plenty of places to find actual facts based on real medical study, that won't try to convince you that you need to pay to make yourself bearable to the male gaze. And men, there are plenty of places out there where you can get much better porn for much more reasonable prices.

Let's face it: once you leave the plant kingdom, with its pretty flowers and fruits, sexual organs of all kinds lose any sort of aesthetic value. (There's a reason why the ancient Greeks, when making statues of ideally beautiful humans, didn't show their women with splayed legs or realistic pubic hair, or their men with anything but the tiniest, most idealized genitals.) When we look at the sexual organs that turn us on, more powerful forces than aesthetics are guiding us. For proof, ask yourself how beautiful the genitals of someone or something you're not attracted to are. (Do most straight women think vaginas are beautiful without the help of The Vagina Monologues? Do gay men? Do lesbians think penises are beautiful? Do any of you non-perverts out there think that dogs and cows have lovely sex parts?)

When we start worrying about how our genitals look, it's a sure sign that we've got too much time on our hands and buckets of free-floating insecurity looking for a home.

Here's one final thought for the guys out there: keep in mind that beauty trends start with women, but eventually make their way to men. Plastic surgery was once done mainly for women, but increasingly, men are getting it done. Hair removal was once just for the ladies, but now many gents are indulging. I can guarantee that your girlfriend isn't really interested in how your dick looks, or even its size, if it gets her off. But once you start thinking about whether your girlfriend has a "pretty" enough vagina to suit you, and demanding that she take steps to right that situation, it'll only be a matter of time before turnabout takes place and you'll be subjected to women who judge your penis and testicles by some individual standard of beauty, and demand that you take steps to "fix" them. Isn't it hard enough to get laid as it is?

Some healthier alternatives for women looking for info:
Wikipedia's take
Vagina Verite
Vagina Lady

Some healthier alternatives for men looking for vaginas:
Basically the entire internet. You know where to look already, don't you?


Posted by melissa23 on 2007-04-08 15:38:19
It seems like you are trying to hide the fact that women do worry about the appearance of their genitalia. As for the studies of the Institute, you should get your facts straight, the initial publications were done in an other language aside from English then translated. Regardless, it holds truth that society only speaks of male genitalia in an open manner, while female genitalia is hidden in shame. The url of the site is http://www.vaginainstitute.com to those who want to take a look at it. It is most unique, since their articles have been published in books on sexuality.
Pure Evil
Posted by SirLoin on 2007-04-11 16:09:44
The Vagina Institute is pure evil. It promotes female circumcision. I am a man. Pussies are things of extreme beauty. They do not need to be trimmed like hedges. They should be shown in all their wild orchid ways. When it is ready, a pussy should flare open and ask for entrance. It should not be a closed clam. The Institute is a fear mongering prudish circumscizing maw of evil. Close it down. www.sexylabia.com is a legitamate site deicated to the extrinsic beauty of labia.
it looks like scientific but it is not
Posted by Henri Dufresne on 2010-07-14 23:07:08
I subscribed to the vagina institute and i have some doubts about the origin of data exposed. The methodology looks like scientific but no real information is disclosed about the way they gathered data. For instance, for aroused vagina measurement, they don't explain if it all self measurements or if some professionals measured the vagina using tools. Vagina measurement is not like penis measurement, you need accurate tools to do it. So i don't see how it is possible to compare vagina sizes from different countries if you don't claim performing measurements with the same methodology and the same tools everywhere over the world. By the way, they don't work with certified gynaecologists and it is quiet suspicious when you do such a website. Additionally, no address is mentioned. More importantly no certified professionals (like sex therapists) are mentioned. The website is totally anonymous.
vagina institute should be destroyed
Posted by amber on 2012-07-08 03:21:40
i just checked out the site before even coming to this article...... they are sick without ethics.. they dont care that theyre adding to the insecurities of woman just to make a buck..... they havee intro articles that lead on to feel like there might be something wrong with there vaginas...then you pay to read the whole article of how ugly and disfunctional your vagina is..... all crap.... in no way does their articles come from an unbias place...


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