Coming To An Airport Security Checkpoint Near You: Advertising!

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It's a good thing the TSA has its priorities in order, otherwise we'd think that air safety might have more importance than promoting the new Dodge Neon.

Under the one-year pilot program, TSA will allow commercial advertising at passenger screening checkpoints in select airports throughout the U.S. and its territories. "Interested parties will have to partner with airport operators to develop a proposal for TSA review. Only airport operators can submit proposals for use of the checkpoints for advertising," according to a Dec. 21, 2006, posting on the Federal Business Opportunities web site.

"TSA plans to launch a one-year pilot program where airport operators may enter into an agreement with vendors, who will provide divestiture bins, divestiture and composure tables, and metal-free bin return carts at no cost to TSA," said spokeswoman Amy Kudwa. "In return for the equipment, TSA will allow airport operator-approved advertisements to be displayed on the bottom of the inside of the bins."

An initial test at Los Angeles began in July 2006, said Kudwa. TSA is holding an Industry Day Jan. 11 at its headquarters in Arlington, Va., for those interested in participating in the program.

"Any airport operator is allowed to submit a proposal by Feb. 16, 2007, to TSA outlining how they will fulfill TSA's requirements," said Kudwa. "If the proposal is accepted by TSA, a memorandum of agreement will be executed between TSA and the airport operator."

As long as the advertising does not distract passengers from security, it's a great opportunity, said Scott Montgomery, principal at Indianapolis-based Bradley and Montgomery Advertising (BaM).




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