Dr. Phil Invites Guest On His Show Just To Kick Him Off

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What happens when you get two guys together, both who exploit people with issues in front of cameras, for their own personal wealth and ego? Delicious Irony of course.

Watch as the infamous Dr. Phil stages this mock invitation of the creator of Bumfights onto his show, just so he can kick him off and look superior. Bonus points for the guy from Bumfights dressing and doing his hair exactly like Dr. Phil. Granted, the bumfights guy is probably one of the lowest forms of human on the planet, but it's just obnoxious for Dr. Phil to invite the guy on his show, run a clip and description of the guy's video series, then kick him off and say he's not going to promote him.


Right On!
Posted by MrEmpathy on 2006-12-16 21:44:34
It's interesting that Dr. Phil makes the Bum Fighter Dude look like the culprit.

I've seen articles about the elderly in Japan who must sleep in the parks and become targets of "violent youths."

Where is Dr. Phil's outrage about social policies?

Do we and other nations simply create a situation that scares people into working, saving, etc...?
Posted by Pile on 2006-12-17 23:50:47
I wonder if what ticked Dr. Phil off was the guy dressing like him. Perhaps that was a strike to his fragile ego and sense of self.
Posted by hbee on 2006-12-18 15:33:02
"I'm gonna show you a couple of minutes of this footage, tell you about, introduce the guy that makes them and kick him off the show after five seconds - BUT I REFUSE TO PUBLICIZE THIS KIND OF TRASH!"

BumFights made a nice tidy profit off that appearance plus the surrounding YouTube video resulting from it.

GOD, do I hate Mr. Phil!
Dr. Phile is a poser....
Posted by nadar on 2006-12-18 23:33:55
This guest appearance by the Bum Fights creator was contrived as a stunt by Dr. Phil,
and is as abusive to educated people as
having to pull your tooth out for $20 if you are a homless person appearing in the "Bum Fights" video.
Posted by Gomer on 2006-12-24 15:11:45
I'm with Pile on this one. My guess is they probably began playing the tape before the guy was even on stage, and when the guy came out, Phil saw how he was dressed, then kicked him off. It would have been so hilarious if Phil would have sat down and had a discussion with this guy.

Unfortunately, the Bum Fights guy had a point -- Phil does exploit the shit out of people, and the only difference between Dr. Phil's show and Bum Fights is that Phil doesn't pay his guests.
Wasps my Friends
Posted by M on 2013-09-29 14:15:56
I think all Mithers out there should turn off Dr. Phil Becouse he hasn't help my Mother not one bit! He doesn't know how too help her with her Picking yelling at every one even in clueding her 2 Grils that are Marryed. She yells at my Father but he lisons too what she says like do this do that kill the Wasps he did that even the baby's too. I hate them both.


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