U-Haul Has A Problem With People Who Have Ford Explorers

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A couple who drove from Florida to South Carolina to clean out a storage area got a rude awakening when they were notified by U-Haul, that because they drive a Ford Explorer, the company won't rent them a trailer.

"I was told that they (U-Haul) will not lease to any Explorer -- regardless of age, towing capacity, etc. On my return from Florida, I saw TrailBlazers, small pickups and even a small Kia sedan pulling a U-Haul trailer,"

U-Haul doesn't have a safety issue with the vehicle. It seems they've noticed that people who drive Ford Explorers are litigious bastards that they'd rather not deal with.

"U-Haul has chosen not to rent behind this tow vehicle based on our history of excessive costs in defending lawsuits involving Ford Explorer towing combinations," a company statement said.

The statement is posted on U-Haul's Web site, along with suggested alternatives to renting a trailer, but to get to it, a potential renter has to click on "Frequently Asked Questions" or attempt to rent the trailer online.




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