Science Gives Us Fluorescent Pigs

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Just when you thought medical science would never produce anything useful, like a cure for cancer or Viagra for women, this news comes out of Taiwan. Scientists there have succeeded in creating transgenic glow-in-the-dark pigs.

The pigs were created by injecting pig embryos with a fluorescent green protein isolated from fluorescent jellyfish. A few of the embryos so treated seem to incorporate the glow-genes, creating a pig which is a pale tint of yellow-green under regular light, but which glows green in the dark. No word yet on how the pigs look under black light, but I'll bet it's groovy. The pigs are fluorescent inside and out--not only their skin glows, but also all of their internal organs.

The idea behind creating these glowing pigs is not as kooky as it sounds. Scientists have used similar glowing cells in cultures to do cancer research, for example. In a petri dish, being able to identify certain cells just by turning off the lights will make research move more quickly. The glowing pigs can be used in stem cell research, to identify and measure healing of organs treated with stem cells.

What inquiring minds want to know is...since these pigs are part jellyfish, do they create their own glaze when they are made into ham?

More about the day-glo piggies.


fuk dat!
Posted by PinkElephantsShouldNotBeLetRunAroundLikeThis on 2006-01-17 19:55:29
animal testing is bad wit a b and those taiwainese turd brrains suk


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