Obama: Be Prepared For New Wave Of Anonymous Attack Ads

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In his weekly address, President Obama discusses the Republican Power Grab - this is an important, short video worth watching that will shed light on the coming mayhem of the mid-term elections.


Posted by sick and tired on 2010-09-22 14:41:19
none of this is nothing new, there has always been trashing in
politics. all parties try a power grab. all of the above are paying for
the adds.
This IS new
Posted by jtrahan63 on 2010-09-29 08:01:30
The previous poster thinks this us business as usual. It is true that negative attack ads have been around a long time, but the difference is that you could find out who was behind them and determine a motivation. The conservative Supreme Court has rule that corporations can launch ads and do not have to disclose who they are. This will tilt the election to the GOP, because they are in bed with the wealthy (more than the Dems are). And when legislation is favorable to corporations and the wealthy, that means it is unfavorable to the average citizen. A vote for the GOP is a vote against your own self interests.
Truth or Dare
Posted by MaggieB on 2010-11-14 22:16:04
You are absolutely right! the "trashing" that goes on now has never been so low or so vicious as in past years, and this viciousness gets worse every day and year!

I am amazed that those who believe the Republicans are revealing the criminality of the Left, should know that primary documents show that the alleged "Left Wing Media Outlets" ARE telling the truth in news media. In fact, in a recent study, those media outlets that told the truth were singled out by Republicans as "Left Wing Media Stations" rather than truth-telling media stations.

In addition, there are several investigative reporters who have lost their lives simply because they were seeking to find the truth. Be sure that you let people know of the investigative journalism media outlets that make so little money, but do so much for our country. By the way, Fox New "pundits" make millions per year.

I research material for a living, and I am able to verify, with certainty, if those who think the Republicans have the best interests of ordinary citizens in the U.S., all they need to do is research for primary documents.

I am afraid, however, that millions do not know just how to research for primary documents. I live in Michigan, and our State Educational Content Standards and Benchmarks DO require that teachers aid students in identifying the characteristics of truth and propaganda; I assumed all States required this. How about your state?

When I have talked to teachers about this gap in student education, most had no idea that truth in media is no longer required in News programs. Loss of truth in media also means that newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet are not legally obligated to tell the truth. This is morally abhorrent!

If anyone at all is interested in primary documents on this topic, court records are still legally required to be accurate (praise the Lord!), so I would advise those of you who are doubtful that truth in the news is NOT required, search for court documents from Tampa, Florida on Jane Akre and New World Communication (Fox News--at that time), 1998, and New World Communication vs Jane Akre, 2003. Now Fox News is called the New Corporation. I am not sure why Fox changed its title between 1998 and 2003, but I DO know now that Reverend Moon (yes, from the "Moonies) bought shares in Fox and Rupert Murdoch gave (or sold--I don't know) the New World Communication title to Reverend's Moon's Media company.

Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who is, by the way, owner of media in just about every country. It is, nevertheless, worth noting that he also owns media in China. The Chinese Government suppresses news broadcasts to their citizens, so Rupert, therefore, sterling man that he is, suppresses the news in deference to a Communistic and suppressive country. Perhaps that doesn't strike many as completely immoral, but this DOES tell you something of the quality of his credibility and ethical standards.


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