Note To Fox: Corellation Does Not Equal Causation

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Right now large areas of the United States are blanketed by a snowstorm, and as predictable as the eventual accumulation of flies on a turd, the conservatives have come out of the woodwork to champion these atypical weather events as "proof" that there is no global warming. Rachael Maddow and Bill Nye respond to the current trend using some amusing analogies...


she's cherry picking facts
Posted by she_makes_no_sense on 2010-02-12 23:16:42
what makes her observations more accurate than beck's observations?

there was an ice age and then then the planet warmed up; perhaps it will cool down again...
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-18 11:28:03
very scientific comment there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20 11:22:15
Wow, bro. You're just ABOVE our level.
Maybe you should go to a smarter place for smarter people such as yourself. And never come back ever.
Posted by Pile on 2010-02-26 14:17:17
Rachel is not acting as an expert. She's just pointing out the logical fallacy that Beck is using. Unlike Beck, Maddow would have AN EXPERT on her show which is actually qualified to speak on the subject.
Posted by Hey Nonny Mouse Cow Herd on 2010-03-01 09:18:00
So, the next heatwave must be absolute proof of global warming? Right? Or are skeptics just, um, demonstrating that they don't understand at all?
Skeptical rationalist
Posted by Loren on 2010-03-08 06:36:44
So, which would you prefer to believe... "facts" cherry picked by, Rachel? Beck? Scientists? I'll go with the Scientists who cherry pick quantified data. Now there's a plum!
I'll go with the Scientists who cherry pick quantified data.
Posted by RE: bob on 2010-03-09 03:03:23
why not go along with those who go church since they talk to God? as far as I can tell, those who think that global warming is stoppable would also say that we could have stopped the tectonic plates from moving...


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