O'Reilly caught with his pants down?

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First it was Bill O'Reilly launching a preemptive strike against a producer of his show claiming an attempt to extort $60M to stop a harassement complaint from going public, and now Andrea Mackris' side of the story - a lewd tale of lots of nasty sexual things O'Reilly apparently enjoyed confiding to her... there's an ominous rumor asserted that some of this may have been recorded. Spinmeisters, on your marks, get set...

From the court documents:
During the course of Bill O'Reilly's sexual rant, it became clear he was using a vibrator on himself and that he ej*c*lated. Plaintiff was repulsed.

Immediately after cl*maxing, defendent Bill O'Reilly launched into a discussion concerning how good he was during a recent appearance on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno.

Maddox has some interesting commentary on Bill O'Reilly that's equally entertaining.


Al Franken comments
Posted by wizeGurl on 2004-10-15 13:56:18
"No comment -- we're taking the high road here at 'The O'Franken Factor' ... The man is entitled to his day in court. That's what I'm going to say. It seems like a sad thing ... [But] if this is true, there'll be enough schadenfreude to fuel ... uh, no comment, no comment!"

I just love a man who knows how to use the word "schadenfreude."


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