Satan Hates Local Church, and Lima Beans

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Satan hates the New Life Center Church in Cedar Grove, West Virginia. How do we know? It's on a billboard...paid for by the church.

No word yet on whether Mammon, Loki, or the Easter Bunny also hate the New Life Center.

The billboard reads "I hate the New Life Center in Cedar Grove!--Satan." It also has the church's website URL, and in teeny tiny print, a note stating that the billboard was paid for by the New Life Center itself.

Not everyone likes the new billboard. They're not worried about the sentiment--they're just not careful readers. The church gets regular calls wondering who has put up this message of hate, assuming that it must be godless atheists or, at best, a Satanic cult. At least one nearby neighbor has complained about having to look at the word "hate" every day.

But really, it's just another example of how some of the worst attacks on the church tend to come from the church itself, or from rival factions of the same church. All that hoopla in the middle east? Caused by people who all believe in the same god, arguing about the specifics of the proper ways to worship him. Satan's probably watching that a little bit more closely than a tiny congregation in West Virginia...and he's probably laughing his ass off.


See just the billboard.


Posted by PeteBL on 2007-08-26 15:09:51
Odd, I would've thought Satan would like the place considering "New Life Center Church" is an anagram for "Lucifer Wench Center". (Okay, I know, there's an unused "h" - I did the best I could).
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-26 23:32:03
I think I am qualified to speak for the Easter Bunny.

If only I had the money to rent a billboard there :(


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