The Legend of Bagger Trans!

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World's most boring game welcomes transsexuals!

At last, something interesting from the world of golf, a narcissistic activity weighed down with the phallic symbolism of clubs, balls and holes.

The BBC reports:

A golfer born in Adelaide as a man will create history by playing in the women's Australian Open next month.

Mianne Bagger had sex-change surgery in 1995 after a lifetime of feeling "something wasn't quite right".

"It is a world first," the 37-year-old told the Sunday Herald Sun newspaper. "There has never been a transsexual in a women's tournament before."

Hole In One!

While the Australians have proven commendably open-minded, one wonders how Bagger will fare should she decide to compete at Augusta.

Putt Up The Butt!

Augusta is notorious, of course, for refusing to allow women to use its course. But then would the golf immams even recognise Bagger as a woman, given that her operation is hardly considered mainstream in the Georgian Reich?

Perhaps she could enter as a man.

From 'Bogus Woman' to 'Bogey Man'?

After all Zell Miller has become Georia's political equivalent of a transsexual. Is he Democrat? Is he Republican? Has he had the op? The omens for Bagger in the US are not good, though.

'Potatoe' Logic

In July The good folk in Dan Quayle country at the The Fort Wayne, Indiana Women's Golf Association barred a 40-year-old woman from competing in a tournament because her birth certificate says she was born male.

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