Breakdown of Hurricane Katrina Government Spending

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The Federal Procurement Data System posted its latest information on hurricane-related contract awards. The total spent on post-Katrina contracts as of June 23 stands at $1.9 billion and this doesn't even count most FEMA and Defense Department contracts.

So how wisely is the government spending money?

Let's see. Remember that cool night-time photo-op Bush did in front of Jackson Square in New Orleans? Where he promised to completely fix the levees (which was never done). It cost $61,000 just for the generators, air conditioners and trailers. Oh wait, $10,000+ for the light towers for that, and we're just getting started.

How about $21,000 for a 5-drawer filing cabinet! (Brought to New Orleans from Illinois, because obviously there were no 5-drawer legal cabinets anywhere in the southern United States).

Oh yea, there's more...

$125,000 for "processed American cheese", because as you know, after your whole community has been wiped out, you're a hankering for six figures worth of processed american cheese.

$100,000+ for "Sponge Bob lactose free" milk. Again, this is what the hurricane survivors were screaming from the rooftops, "We need LACTOSE FREE MILK!! (preferably Sponge Box brand(tm))"

Ok, check this out... the government (US, taxpayers) plunked down $376,000.00 for "maintenance" on a software package called Cybermation. What is this software supposed to do? Well apparently this software is designed to, "Accelerate business agility and responsivness". I'm wondering if there's a money-back guarantee on that one!

Millions and millions of dollars of "apartment leases" to companies in California and elsewhere... I'm not quite sure how spending a few million dollars renting apartments in California is related to Hurricane Katrina, but what do I know, I was down here in New Orleans in the middle of this shit running on generator power I supplied myself (that FEMA didn't reimburse me for)!

Why did we pay some guy from Washington State $7,000 to "mow seed orchards?" WTF is that?

How much does it cost for you to buy a case of Poweraid? Well, it costs the government $16. That seems a bit high. They also pay $8/case for water.

How about $650,000+ for RENTAL of "textiles-leather-furs"... from some company is Illinois... WHAT THE f*ck?

$17,000 to deliver ice to Jackson Square... hey, I can do it cheaper! And $17,000 worth of drinks there the same time.. is this for Bush's photo op again?

$3000 for bar and chain oil? How many chainsaws do you have to have to require three thousand bucks worth of oil for them? Wasn't a lot of this crap subcontracted out... who needed that much chainsaw lubrication at one time? (and do they have a web site of the ensuing festivities online?)

$150,000+ for "office furniture" (just one example of many contracts) from some company in Iowa, because, hey, when the Gulf Coast is completely destroyed and in economic ruin, it's best to ship in office furniture from a company 1000 miles away.

... and in the middle of this the government was grateful enough to offer some farmer $5000 for "catostrophic losses and burials" of livestock. It's too bad the farmer didn't need Poweraid or chainsaw bar oil.. he'd be rolling in dough.

BUT WAIT, On Sept 4th, we did spend $3,192 on "pillows, water and Gatoraid for Katrina victims"... ahhh, ok.

source (Excel Spreadsheet)


Posted by eugene dedeaux on 2006-08-25 21:10:34
would like a sheet that breaks down govt. spending, such as fema trailers cost, debri removal. everything that concerns hurricane katerina in mississippi. please email me at as soon as possible thanks
Posted by Luke on 2007-09-08 15:22:35
Reading about our governments spending habits makes me very sad. If my Mom was in charge of the money all would be rebuilt with plenty left over to spread around!
Posted by Don barricella on 2008-08-02 22:55:22
Would like a comparison of the damage costs from Hurricane Katrina vs those from flood in Iowa.


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