Kid Rock & Scott Stapp Sex Tape

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Two people that one wouldn't expect to see in a sex scene are Kid Rock and former Creed frontman-turned-Jesus, Scott Stapp. Nonetheless, a company named Red Light District, the same who hawked the Paris Hilton sex tape, now plans to release this orgy of music personality mediocrity.

Update: A Florida woman who stars in the Kid Rock-Scott Stapp sex tape has filed a lawsuit against the California company that has recently tried to market the racy video of her 1999 tour bus encounter with the two rock stars. In a complaint filed yesterday in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, the woman, identified only as "Jane Doe," contends she has suffered emotional distress (and had her, um, privacy invaded) as a result of the attempted sale of the video by World Wide Red Light District. While a federal judge last month halted the video's distribution at the request of Rock (real name: Robert Ritchie), segments of the sex tape have appeared online.

The company has launched a 40-second preview clip of the 45-minute tape at the Web sites and and says it plans to release the entire video at some point this year.

Red Light District president David Joseph told he purchased the tape, which was shot in 1999 while Rock and Creed were on tour, from "a third-party source who was about to put it out for free on the Internet. I basically stopped him from doing that."

Joseph says his attempts to contact Rock and Stapp, who do not engage in sex acts with each other on the tape, have so far been unsuccessful. "This wasn't just shot by one person -- there were a lot of people holding the camera," he says. "Because of that, it's not necessary that we need (Rock and Stapp) to sign off on this. We left messages for them but they didn't respond, so maybe they didn't take it seriously."


Smoking gun article on lawsuit


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