Larry Craig Nabbed in Another Republican Gay Sex Scandal (Yawn)

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Seriously, guys...could you just save the entire country the trauma of watching you get caught in various types of secret sexual deviancy already? I mean, if it isn't gay flirting with Senate pages, or wearing diapers with hookers, it's soliciting gay sex in airport bathrooms. (I won't even count the fundamentalist minister putting the fun back in fundamental with gay prostitutes and crystal meth--he's not an elected official.)

That's right, one more high-level Republican--this time, the senior senator from Idaho, Larry Craig--has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct after a police officer witnessed him engaging in lewd behavior in an airport bathroom.

According to the police report, Craig entered the airport restroom and lingered outside a stall occupied by a plainclothes police officer. Craig then entered an adjacent toilet stall, tapped his foot against the officer's foot and put his hand under the divider separating the two men.

The police officer then arrested him for lewd behavior. But as always, it's the hilarious details that we love about these stories.

During booking, Craig denied any guilt, saying "that he has a wide stance when going to the bathroom," according to the police report. His wide stance notwithstanding, he pleaded guilty to the charges on August 8.

UPDATE: Sen. Craig now says that his actions were "misinterpreted," and he now regrets pleading guilty. Y'know, it's a real shame when U.S. Congressmen don't have access to the kind of money and power required to get good legal advice. If only someone with a sharp legal mind had been there to advise him that when you plead guilty, people will sort of naturally assume that you did it.

Bathroom sex FAQs
How to do this right.


Crime of Assion.
Posted by kleptocracy on 2007-08-28 14:30:45
So, is anyone else disturbed by the fact that hinting you might want to engage in behavior that's only marginally illegal?

There was no monitary arrangement. There was no nudity. There was some footsie and, quite literally, hand-waving.

Ok, I get the peeping charge (looking through the crack in the stall), but the disorderly conduct? What? "Engaging in offensive, obscene, abusive, boisterous, noisy conduct..." Yeah, not seein' it.
damn pervert!!!
Posted by benny on 2007-08-31 11:39:57
I'm sorry but thats just gross, just gross!!! I mean a number of people already admited to letting him pork em in public washrooms and a undercover cop catches him looking for a toiletstall humpingfest!!! ewww, eww ewww ewwwwwwww.
And the peeping charge!!! man Thats new to me,,, I got one word to say about that, and that is you guessed it, Ewwww!!! my goodness
Posted by johana on 2007-08-31 13:14:02
i know the have cameras in all the stalls at the airport, why not get someone to monitor everyone doing poopy time, then if they engage in non poopy behaviour, raid them! arrest them and send them to the pen!!!

Posted by ned on 2007-08-31 14:28:00
quit shamefull.
What I think they should do is spank him real real real hard, barebutted and on cnn! he should be spanked till he's red in the face, And I want to see hand welts on his behind when their done!!!
If that doesn't stop him from having sex with man in the toilets then I don't know what will!

And btw if i ever, and i mean ever catch someone peeking in the toilet stall crack at me taking a dump, AND I WILL CATCH HIM, drag him in there and dunk his face in my crap filled toilet!!! DAMN RIGHT!!! Senator, congressmen, hell if were the president I would do it!!! toilet stall peepers better freakin watch out,,, Im mad, i'm mean and I'm a biker, and I'M BIG, and yes i will shove your face in it when i catch you peeking!!!
Posted by ned on 2007-08-31 14:48:58
and one more thing i forgot to mention, if i'm taking a dump and i so much as see someones hand come creeping into my stall from below, I WILL f-ing grab their hand and yank the guy right into my stall and ask him wtf he thinks he's doing!!! YOU DONT DO THAT!!! not to me you don't,,, ohhh no, NOT TO ME BETTER NOT!!!
Posted by nettexster on 2007-09-01 10:05:50
Well ned your one brave guy! Mr Craig is lucky he wasn't in a stall next to you.
I would just stun gun his hand if I saw his hand in my stall. perv!


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