Katrina Hits BSAlert

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[BSAlert *exclusive*]
In case anyone was wondering why the site was down or hasn't been updated in a little while, this is because our servers were located in New Orleans and the hurricane affected us all. As I write this, I'm still in the middle of this, operating on generator power in a very dark, scary city. More later, but I think the site is back online and solid now.


america abuse
Posted by america lover on 2005-09-08 19:24:43
i think everyone can see now that they are partly responsible for the direction this country has shifted. if you voted for george w bush (like i did not) then we can thank you for hundreds of dying people on the gulf coast. thank you. we can thank you for high gas prices. thank you. most of all we can thank you for voting for someone who was not at all qualified and had ulterior motives, and we all new that, when he took over office. why do i blame george bush and his supporters? it is the presidents duty to initiate an emergency response to every natural or unnatural disaster. the president was on vacation before, DURING, and two days following the hurricanes arrival to land. he cut his vacation short ( gee, how nice of him,not ) to fly to louisiana to have his picture taken and then he left after saying a few empty phrases. "a photo shoot is worth a thousand voters" is what i say. this guy is acting just like a president that knows he cannot get re-elected. like he doesn't care. he still isn't in charge. why not? there is no chain of command down there. why not? because the only reason you elected him was to fight the war on terroe and that is all he knows how to do. little to late republican voters see the folly of their ways. but what do they care? most of them are well to do or better anyways. george bush talks big, and that is the only thing he does big. as for the lower class, he could care less if a hurricane came and took them away. i wonder how many of those people are democrats. hmmmmmm. geee, how about that. so the next time you see bush you can say hi to the president of the united republicans
what a crock
Posted by anonymous on 2005-09-14 07:01:38
I'm sorry, but what a crock of crap that is.How can u blame something like this on the republicans.They may have voted for Bush, and they may not b any happier than u about the way this has been handled but u r way out of line here.
And how do u know urs would have done anybetter at all guess we'll never know bcuz nobody wanted him and he lost.So stop beating a dead horse already.MY God People r dead and u think its still about u. Get over urself.Do something to make a differance or stfu.
Time Will Tell
Posted by Pile on 2005-09-18 15:17:58
As someone who was affected by the disaster, I can tell you that most people in this area are skeptical of the sincerity of the administration's promise of support. That's not to say we all don't hope that it is backed up, but time will tell. Many of us fear that a few weeks will go by where New Orleans is mentioned in the media, and big politically-connected companies will (and have) swept in and made millions, but will the city be left to its own devices shortly thereafter? We shall see.
Posted by Elephant on 2005-09-25 17:06:50
thank you anonymous. its people like "america lover" who make democrats look like shit.
Posted by Demoman on 2005-11-23 16:26:26
I thought it was the democrats that make the democrats look like shit, and the republicans do a great job of making republicans look like shit too. The american people let them all get away with it because they watch to much television instead of thinking for themselves. Wash, rinse, repeat.


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