Thank You Jon Stewart!

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We here at BSAlert want to wish one of the very highest-quality human beings on the planet great fortune on their continued journey. We are very saddened to see Jon depart from the Daily Show and hope he will still be a regular fixture in media and continue to bless us with his unique take on society.

Here is Jon Stewart's farewell message, one which we especially appreciate, on the importance of identifying and dealing with.... Bullshit!

Welcome back!

Anyway, about the debate.

I don't have anything for you.

We've seen the correspondents.

We've met everyone who works here.

And now I feel like I should probably say something.

So maybe one last time, maybe a little-- if you want to-- maybe a little camera three.

Bulls--t is everywhere.

Are the kids still here?

We'll deal with that later?

Bulls--t is everywhere.

There is very little you will encounter in life that has not been, in some ways, infused withbullshit-- not all of it bad.

General day-to-day free ranch is often necessary, or at least innocuous.

Oh, what a beautiful baby.

I'm sure he'll grow into thathead.
That kind of bulls--t in manyways provides important socialcontracts fertilizers and keepspeople from make each other cryall day.

But then there's the more pernicious bulls--t, your premeditated institutional bulls--t designed to obscure and distract.

Designed by whom?

The bullshit talkers.

Comes in three basic flavors, one, making bad things sound like good things.

Organic all-natural cupcakes.

Because factory made sugar oatmeal balls doesn't sell.

Patriot act, because are you scared enough to let me look at all your phone records act, doesn't sell.

Whenever something is titled freedom, fairness, family, health, and America, take a good long sniff.

Chances are it's been manufactured in a facilitate that may contain traces of bulls--t.

Number two, the second way, hiding the bad things under mountains of bullshit.

Complexity-- you know, I would love to download Drizzy's latest Meek mill diss.

Everyone promised me that that made cents.

But I'm not really interested right now in reading Tolstoy's Itunes agreement, so i'll just click "agree" even if it grants Apple prima noctae with my spouse.

Here's another one-- simply put, simply put, banks shouldn't be able to bet your pension money on red.

Bullsh--ly put, it's-- hey, this.


Hey, a hand sm of billionaires can't buy our lexingtons, right?

Of course, not, they can only pour unlimited anonymous cash into 501-c6 and 527 unless they're gonna be doing 50% issue

Education at--" "I think they're asleep now.

We can sneak out."

And finally-- finally, it's the

Bullshit of infinite possibility.

These bullshitters cover their unwillingness to act under the guise of unending inquiry.

We can't do anything because we don't yet know everything.

We cannot take action on climate change until everyone in the world agrees gay marriage veex won't cause our children to marry goats who are going to come for our guns.

Now, the good news is this-- bullsh--ters have gotten pretty lazy, and their work is easily detected.

And looking for it is a pleasant way to pass the time like an "I spy" of bulls--t.

I say to you tonight friends the best defense against bulls--t is vigilance.

So if you smell something, say something.




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