Hilarious GOP Debate Questions Submitted By The Net

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With the clown cars all packed up and ready to go, Fox has solicited the Internet proper to submit questions to Meygan Kelly for tonite's GOP debate.

As usual, when you leave it up to the fine folks on the Internet, things get real.

Here are some of our favorite questions... and yes, we here at BSAlert couldn't resist adding our own..

In the bible, Jesus fed the poor & healed the sick for free. How will his communist agenda affect your campaign

Mr. trump, if you should lose the election, who will you sue next?

In the bible, Jesus fed the poor & healed the sick for free. How will his communist agenda affect your campaign?

If an abortion could have prevented #Benghazi would you have one?

Motherfucking magnets - how do they work?

We all know that gay marriage causes global warming. What will you do to protect Israel from this?

Finish this sentence - if he were alive today I would let Reagan trickle down on my ________

As an unemployed white American which minority should I be most concerned with being on welfare?

About those Mexicans working in your garden, how many are rapists and how many just plain drug dealers?

Will you use conventional or nuclear weapons to end the War on Christians?

Which of you all (moderator included) was able to get Roger Ailes to climax the quickest?

Sen. Cruz, you filibustered using a Dr. Seuss book. Have you graduated to non-picture books yet?

What policies will you support to make sure black lives never matter?

Should cops be allowed to waterboard people who don't cooperate when pulled over on traffic stops?

If a fetus looks at you threateningly is it legal to "stand your ground" and shoot them?

Sen. Cruz, you compared net neutrality to Obamacare. Are familiar with the internet?

If smoking pot made people hate Muslims would you consider changing your position and legalizing it?

Who has more personhood businesses or fetuses?

Gov. Christie, if you were trapped in a room with a stoner and a teacher, who would you punch first?

Would you support gay marriage and legalize polygamy if the Koch brothers proposed to you?

What role will Caitlyn Jenner fulfill in your administration?

Gov. Christie, would you like a snack?

What would you do as president to make sure that patriotic Americans will be uninsured in the future?

Jeb! Women, how do they work?

If the Koch brothers went bankrupt tomorrow, how would you fund your campaign?

Is there anything you can think of that you won't be blaming on Obama?

What makes you more aroused? Justin Bieber or Drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge?

If guns don't kill people, then which minority primarily does?

Which member of the Legion of Doom do you most closely identify with

What's your least favorite color besides black?

The AntiChrist takes many forms. How did our Dark Lord appear to you when He asked you to run for President?

We all know that gay marriage causes Global Warming so what will you do to protect Israel from that?

What are your fondest memories of the Jim Crow era?

On education, what type of semi-automatic gun do you recommend teaching children to use for cooking bacon?

Since Iran & ISIS both kill gays, shouldn't they be our allies, not our enemies?

Biggest threat to our Liberty -Science or Logic?

What made you want to be the first person to lose to a woman President?




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