Top 8 Most Bizarre/Interesting/Outrageous Subreddits

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It's no secret I like Reddit. I myself run a few popular subreddits. But like many, it's impossible to have a love-love relationship with this site. For every cool section, there's another one that makes your skin crawl. For every person you can relate to, there's eighteen dozen who appear to be Tourettes-infected-6-year-olds.

We could talk for days about the pros/cons of their shallow and binary up/down-vote system, and how it seems to ultimately pander to a mean demographic that nobody wants to own, but at the same time, the largely "hands off"-style of allowing anyone with the slightest inclination to create their own sub-community, has allows the place to prosper wildly.

And every time I come across something odd, I think it can't be topped. I continue to prove myself wrong. Here is a list of some of my "most bizarre" subreddits recently discovered...

/r/oldladiesbaking pies - It actually is what it is: a forum of pictures of old ladies baking pies.... with one distinction. The titles of each submission are highly-sexual in nature even though the site contains no pornographic imagery.

/r/unexpectedthuglife - This subreddit shows edited videos of people appearing to be normal and jovial but turning snarky or sinister, accompanied by gangsta rap music

/r/buttsharpies - In case you ever doubt that somewhere online, there is a community that's into the most esoteric fetish you can imagine, the answer is, "Yes. Yes that's a thing, and yes, other people are into it. And No, I don't know why and I really am not curious enough to find out more."

/r/outside - Billed as, " free-to-play MMORPG developed by Deity Games and the most popular game, with 7 billion+ active players.

/r/DeepIntoYouTube - This is a repository for random and weird videos that have been largely-orphaned in the vastness of YouTube and only recently discovered. The epitome of weirdness.

/r/CrazyIdeas - This is a very interesting subreddit that often is a showcase for the goofy things extremely stoned people come up with, such as, "Go to Africa, find the smallest giraffes and breed them until you get them very small and open a racetrack with trained monkeys to ride them.." but there are also some more realistic ideas, either way, often hilarious, almost always bizarre.

/r/DiWHY - Not quite a parody of /r/DIY, the place where people show off expertly-crafted things they've made, DiWHY is more of a "Here's what McGuyver's mentally-challenged cousin did." Some stuff makes sense but is over-engineered. Some stuff is hilariously funny.

I know, I know.. this is the tip of the iceburg in how weird and bizarre Reddit is.. so feel free to leave comments with more suggestions on subs. Here are a few more:

/r/publicfreakout - If you ever wonder where all the video that people shoot on their phones of that crazy person in McDonalds ends up, it could be here..

/r/BlackPeopleTwitter - I can't tell if I'm supposed to laugh at this or not. There's a part of me that feels it's racist, but it's also pretty hilarious. I don't know if the particular brand of snarky honesty displayed in this sub is really a "black people thing" but I can respect it nonetheless.

/r/im14andthisisdeep - Want to feel old? Like really old?

/r/SwordOrSheath - The gender identity game show?

/r/InvisibleBicycles -- As expected, this subreddit, which boasts more than 20,000 subscribers is dedicated to pictures of people riding bicycles minus the bicycles.... The epitome of esoteric? Actually, it's a pretty high degree of skill involved to remove a bike from a picture and this sub celebrates those with impressive photoshop skills, or those who find those who have.

/r/SwitzerlandIsFake -- A community of people who are convinced that the country is so beautiful, diverse and interesting, it must be fake.

r/caninecuisine/ -- calls itself: "Community of vegans who satirize the lack of empathy many have for other animals by speaking of dogs unempathetically. We do not condone any violence against animals of any kind"


honorable mention
Posted by Pile on 2015-08-27 21:26:13

I'm not going to link it - you have to work to get this and have some mindbleach handy.
Posted by Pile on 2017-12-30 10:27:16
Here's another interesting one:

Another good one
Posted by Pile on 2019-01-23 13:16:47

is hilarious...


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