Mrs. Thomas Goes To Washington

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Virginia Thomas, a self-described "ordinary citizen from Omaha, Nebraska, is an unabashed conservative (to paraphrase Seinfeld- not that there's anything wrong with that). She "intrigued" by Glenn Beck, is a big fan of Rush Limbaugh, and wants America to get back to "core conservative principles". Toward that end she has started a 501(c) nonprofit that can raise unlimited cash from corporations and spend it advocating for any politician or position in any race across the country. That nonprofit's activities would've been banned by federal law if not for the help of one very special man.

That lucky dog is her husband, one Clarence Thomas- perhaps you've heard of him? That's right, the wife of one of the justices who handed down the 5/4 decision which overturned decades of law banning corporate expenditures in political races has started a corporation (Liberty Central, Inc) which takes advantage of that ruling to make and spend corporate dough on political races of their choosing. I'm sure it's just a crazy coincidence.

There have been a couple of those during the course of their marriage- most notably while Ginni (to her friends) was working for the Heritage Foundation (motto: "Ain't No Party Like A Conservative Party, 'Cause A Conservative Party Spends Frugally") she was working to gather staff for then- presidential hopeful George W. Bush's administration while hubby Justice Thomas was hearing the case that determined G.W. would become our next president. When asked about this by reporters, Mrs. Thomas said she saw no conflict and that she and her husband don't discuss court matters at home. I'm sure she wouldn't lie about something like that.

One wonders if Clarence was surprised AND delighted to find out his decision got his wife a new job or just delighted. At the very least, I hope he got some sweet "Honey I got a new job!" sex out of the deal.




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