Huckabee Says It's On Like Donkey Kong

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In what is shaping up to be a battle royale of right-wing wingnuts, Mike Huckabee has said he would consider making a run for the presidency yet again in 2012. The man who proved that being very religiously conservative will hurt you amongst Republican conservatives almost as much as NOT being religiously conservative will says that he's envious of Gov. Sarah Palin's meteoric rise to her current position as the favored conservative to lose to then-President Obama in 2012. Let's get ready to rumble!

The former governor of Arkansas, you may recall, was the last man to drop out of the Republican primary and ran an underfunded but high-energy campaign and scored some early wins in his unsuccessful (dare I say it, aborted?) run to be the second place finisher to a second place finisher. Much as Gov. Palin refuses to scuttle back to her cold Alaskan redoubt, Huckabee is also going to be hard to ignore in the future. With shows on the Fox News Channel (ok, maybe not THAT hard to ignore) and ABC Radio as well as a new book coming out (with national book tour to follow, natch), Gov. Huckabee is going to be as ubiquitous as a Palin child at a snowmobile rally. While talking to reporters at a briefing to support his new book, Huckabee said that he's not resentful of Palin's Cinderalla-esque ascension from being a small-time governor to being an aged heartbeat away from the presidency, in fact "It's an envy." I can think of no greater gift to the re-election campaign of Barack Obama than these two coming out as the best the RNC can muster.




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