Sinclaire Broadcasting and their sleazy insider moves

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A regional broadcaster with 60+ media outlets, Sinclaire Broadcasting has been all over the news with their intention to run a sleazy anti-Kerry attack-cumentary just before the November 2 elections. To top it off, as if it wasn't obvious something shady was going on, a new story has broken indicating that Sinclair has interests that are being awarded lucrative contracts by the administration.

How can anyone expect to get fair media coverage when many of the largest networks also have subsidiaries that are defense contractors???

There's also a massive Sinclair boycott effort (click the link to see a list of their customers with contact info). Another site has ideas on how to fight Sinclair.

I wouldn't mind this as much if the same network would also agree to run Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 movie to be fair, but fat chance of that.




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