Sylvia Brown: Lamest Psychic Ever?

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It goes without saying among people who are paying attention to reality, that psychics are frauds, but it's a sad testimony to how people want to believe this stuff when you watch this clip of Sylvia on Montel Williams' show. Here a couple struggles to find meaning in their daughter's mysterious death as Sylvia Brown puts her foot firmly in her own mouth on national TV.


Intuitive Counselor
Posted by Vincent on 2011-02-15 11:30:12
I would like to say that there are irresponsible people in all professions. Unfortunately the phony psychic is one that really gets noticed as a standard for this profession. I have been a professional psychic for 20 years and I have had the ability to "see" all my life.
I can tell you this. No one can just have a psychic perception at will. If it comes, it comes. I can also say that most psychic awareness on a given issue is based on the issue being one of feeling. Not logic. Therefore things such as predicting winning lottery numbers doesn't work. I could never do what Sylvia Brown claims to do. I don't think anyone is that talented. I predict events coming soon. Eventually, when the time period discussed in my reading has come to pass, we will see if I was correct. It is as simple and complicated as that.
Respectfully,Psychic Vincent Pitisci


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