Overprotective Parents May Be Responsible For Fatality Increase

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[Bad Parents]
Parents who forbid their children to cross roads alone may be preventing them from learning vital lessons in how to avoid being run over, according to an analysis of official figures in England.

The proportion of children who are never allowed to cross a road unsupervised has risen each year for the past five years. But the number of child pedestrians being killed is also rising.

Department for Transport research found that, last year, almost half (49 per cent) of parents with children aged 7-10 said that they never allowed them to cross the road on their own, compared with 41 per cent in 2002.

Over the same period, the number of child pedestrians killed in that age range rose from 10 to 18.

The overall rate of road deaths for all children under 16 rose by 20 per cent between 2005 and 2006, from 141 to 169.

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety said that parents needed to understand the risks of being overprotective. Rob Gifford, the council’s director, said: “Parents should consider whether forbidding their children from crossing the road unaccompanied is exposing them subsequently to additional risk. They may not acquire the skills they need.

“Children need to learn to cross the road on their own and the answer may be to encourage them to do so initially while being watched.”

He said that parents who tried to avoid exposing their children to road danger by driving them to school were contributing to a vicious circle.

Drivers became less accustomed to seeing children on the streets and were therefore less prepared for the possibility of one suddenly stepping into the road.



Darwinism and its effects on society.
Posted by Master Bates on 2007-09-11 13:26:07
for the love of all that is good in the world, what happens when you take a lion that has been born and brought up in a zoo and throw it into the wild? it dies because its waiting around where the truck that dropped it off was looking for a zoo keeper to drop off a plate of beef. its too stupid to catch its own food. this my firends is darwinism. strong survive, dumbasses that eat too many marbles in kindergarden die off and dont get to reproduce. the problem is that while kids do learn and make decisions their parents are too stupid to let them learn about lifes real lessions IE. COMMON SENCE PEOPLE! with all this new crap about healthy children and "good parenting" i wonder what happen to the tried and true methods. i was brought up where we didnt have safety toys, everything did not have rounded corners, there was lead paint and bicycling with out helmets and i drove in a car in a regular seat unbuckled in the back without losing life or limb. protecting your children is one thing but to be completely isolating them from any resonable self taught knowledge is lunacy. you dont let them cross the road by themselves they are never gonna learn to look both ways. i crossed the road one day in my younger days and almost got ran down by a suburban.... horn blasting and the driver screaming profanities at me made sure the message hit home that i almost died that day. let your children be children instead of caged animals that you let out only when closely supervised. if they get hurt they learn, theres an old saying that for every scar on a body is a lession learned and i believe it still holds true. stupid parents = stupid kids.
Posted by ned on 2007-09-12 13:34:45
I totaly agree, In fact I beleive spanking should be used, if the kids cause trouble, j walk, steal, then its simple, you spank em. I dont mean just the kids, you spank the parents to, right there on the street, in the mall, whereever, and you spank them barebutted too, and hard, really really hard so they learn their lessons well. I also believe spanking should be re-instated in prisons and schools, inmates, kids misbehave,,, you spank them silly till their red in the face!!! yeah, damn right.
overprotective parentsssssssss
Posted by maritza on 2008-06-06 11:15:14
i stronnngly agree with all this when things are going to happend they just happend.overprotecting kids too much just makes them thumb slow and scared of everything they dont know about damn let go!!!!!!!1


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