How To Create An Angry American

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Watch this video and it'll make you yearn for the days when the President's biggest faux pas was lying about an affair with an intern... Why are Americans angry and frustrated? It's pretty clearly outlined here..

What are you going to do about it?


What to do about it
Posted by hipposelect on 2007-08-14 18:07:32
Ron Paul? Give me a break...
Posted by Pile on 2007-08-15 12:02:29
It's a sad testimony that Ron Paul is getting the attention he is. I understand he's against the war, but he's also got some very weird positions on a lot of other issues, not to mention he probably makes Strom Thurman look like Dr. Martin Luther King.
Posted by Ted on 2007-08-17 21:11:29
Why does the video exclude similar comments from democratic members of congress. Could it be, BIAS.


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