One More Reason A Hummer Is Stupid (And No, It's Not The Name)

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The Hummer H2, one of the largest penis enhancements currently on the road today, looks rugged and tough-- like it could take on any piece of road and eat competitor's cars for dinner (a much manlier meal that that wussy breakfast). When recently stacked up against a car made in 1921, however, the Hummer went a bit... limp.

70-year-old Gary Le Fever entered his carburated, modified (100 horsepower, compared to the usual Model T's 20 horses, although most of the modified parts also came from the twenties) 1921 Model T in a competition to climb to the top of a mighty 475-foot hill in Evansville, Indiana. His competition mostly included other vintage racers and at Forbes magazine's request, a 2003 Hummer H2. When the time came Le Fever punched it and made it to the "summit" in 9.96 seconds. The Hummer H2, a car with an MSRP of $48,455 (compared to the ~$3,000 a 1921 Model T would cost in today's dollars), hauled its 3 ton, 316 horsepowered carcass up the hill in 10.74 seconds. What a triumph of technology!



Posted by Kevin B on 2007-08-05 19:38:26
Please, its an Avalanche with a boob job. The only strength the H1 or Humvee itself had was an independent suspension. The H2 & H3 have leaf spring suspensions. The Model T has a flexible suspension more like an old Jeep CJ. Not surprising that it beat the Soccer Mom special


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