Corporate Low-Down Depot Mart and the Tall Trees

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So you want to keep the weeds out of your flower bed. How about some nice mulch? How about some nice, cheap mulch made by clear-cutting and grinding up the cypress forests that help to prevent coastal erosion, weaken hurricanes, and provide habitat for wildlife? I mean, trees grow back, right?

They do. But they take years to recover. Cypress forests that were clear-cut in the 1930's are only now starting to look like healthy forests again...if they grew back at all.

The Gulf Restoration Network, dedicated to preserving and restoring a healthy gulf coast environment for animals and human safety, has developed a little video to remind up what we're really selling here.

Cypress forests are the best natural storm and flood protection for the Gulf Coast, and they provide important habitat for wildlife, including endangered species. And if you need mulch, you can use pine straw, pine bark, melaleuca, or farmed eucalyptus instead of cypress. After all, your flower beds are an environment, too.

More info from the Save Our Cypress Coalition.




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