When Logos Attack

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There is a peculiar disease that affects a certain group of people every few years. Those people? Olympic organizers. The disease? Dumb logo mania. Whether it's cavorting panda bears or a truly ridiculous torch/bee/spring combination, the people who are tasked with coming up with an Olympic logo, a logo which is meant to show the entire world that your city is not going to screw up the Olympics, can be some real morons. And the right honorable Brits are no different.

And so here is London's 2012 logo. Meant to appeal to the "internet generation," a phrase I've only heard once and am already tired of, it looks like it more rightly belongs in an MTV ad circa 1983. But that's not the best/worst part. When the video to promote this iLogo (I'm already filing copyrights, so back off) was unveiled in London, 12 people reported having epileptic seizures. That's right, London's 2012 logo is so bad it will actually cause your nervous system to freak out. And the cost to develop this frightful thing? A paltry 400,000 pounds, or $788,880 American--now THAT would give me a seizure.



Olympic logos
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-12 05:53:13
We Brits almost universally revile it as well.

But our wonderfully stupid government is sticking with it. So we are hoping our American cousins can come to our rescue and encourage Matt Groening to sue the Olympic committee for producing Simpsons based p0rn.


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