Top Gear In America

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What happens when the offbeat British car show, "Top Gear" comes to America? The challenge starts with the three hosts landing in Miami and having to each purchase a vehicle for $1000 and drive it all the way to New Orleans.

Watch the BBC show online and you'll quickly understand why something like this will never air on American television. There are a few moments that make "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" look like a Sunday drive.

This is broken up into six parts because Youtube annoyingly limits clips to no more than 10 minutes. But it's well worth it... especially once they get into Alabama!

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Posted by Pile on 2007-03-14 15:25:38
So is this a "hit piece" on America, or is it more of a reality check, showing how things really are? What do you think?
here we go
Posted by bigbill on 2007-03-31 21:02:08
Straight away you get americans complaining. In general I think Britsh people have greater capacity to laugh at themselves. Attack an english person with social comentary and you'll get a half smile, or a air of concern from within. Attack an american and it becomes 'f*ck you, our country our country' and such. Nationalism is a problem that america has in abundance, and the idea that somemone from another country can point out issues is a threat to americas enormous stock of propaganda - 'the greatest country in the world' . It's so vast that no sterotype will fit everyone, i suppose that's the nature of sterotypes, but seeing is believing. Are these people really allowed to exist at all? Allowed to buy guns? Shambles. What a waste of the planets space, homophobia is somehow excepted, what a bunch of immoral people. I still don't understand why they just didn't laugh themselves to death at these idiots with paint on there cars, wasn't the fact they looked stupid punishment enough? South park does exactly the same thing in ridiculing southern americas 'dey took 'ur jeeebs'. It's fact. They didn't complain about the rocks being thown did they? Just took it as the norm.

Funny funny funny stuff. Also an eye opener on the new orleans situation. It's one backwards country, but it either won't admit it, or won't except it as a problem (there's no problems in 'the land of the free') what does that even mean?
bring it on
Posted by hiwthiel on 2007-04-14 10:47:41
i love this show, i have been watching it on YouTube for 2 years now. these cars make jokes about themselves all the time, they do it just to make the show funny. and its f*cking funny!!! i would love to see this show come to america. yeah, they had the one episode with the $1000 cars. that was funny. so what if another country makes fun of us. r u that insecure about America? we are the greatest country in the world! plus, in our everyday lives, we continually bring down other countries. if you cant take what you dish out, then you need to shut up.


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