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2008 Election

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When I was talking to a few friends of mine we ended up discussing the 2004 election and what happened to it. My view on the election if that they gave up the 2004 election years ago to focus on the 2008.(My personal opinion, dont hate me for it). Anyways, we ended up talking about who would be the democratic President candidate for the 2008 election. I brought up the obvious answer of Hilliary Clinton, but then my friends disagreed with me. They said that Hilliary would never possibly be voted into the white house because so many people are afraid of change. She said (my friend) that all the rednecks, republicans and most other men would vote for whatever republican candidate they put for election. Thats when it started to worry me. I believe Hilliary would be a great president, but would we rather take the chance of having a woman candidate or would we stick to some solid white male. My personal belief if still that Hilliary should be the candidate but im wondering what everybody elses view on teh upcoming 2008 election is.

Especially you Pile, you seem like a smart kind of guy.

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