Jesse Ventura: I'd Rather Deal With Terrorism Than Lost Liberty

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I've said it before, but former Minn. Governor, Jesse Ventura is one of the most direct, outspoken, down-to-earth politicians you can find. Here's a video of him on Fox where he takes Sean Hannity to task...

BONUS: Jesse appears on The Colbert Report:


Way to go Ventura
Posted by littlelisalynnagain on 2008-04-15 11:49:40
Way to Go Ventura. Finally a man who speaks the truth and isn't afraid to do so. There are very very few men/woman left who will speak the truth.
He'd have my vote for Prez.
Take him with a grain of salt
Posted by Stiffly Stifferson on 2008-04-16 11:29:20
Ya, he says some good things and he speaks his mind, but the guy is still harping on 9/11 conspiracy theories for dog's sake. Plus, he's basically a Libertarian. Sure, he's going to support personal freedom and liberty, but he's also going to take that to the extreme. It's a dog eat dog world out there and if you are strong enough to survive then more power to you but if you get eaten up don't expect any help. Not the type of society I would want to live in.


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