Beware! They're Coming To Your Town!

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The American Family Association has recently discovered a vast conspiracy. Now they're issuing DVDs to help protect people against the coming invasion!

Residents of the small Arkansas town of Eureka Springs noticed the homosexual community was growing. But they felt no threat. They went about their business as usual. Then, one day, they woke up to discover that their beloved Eureka Springs, a community which was known far and wide as a center for Christian entertainment--had changed. The City Council had been taken over by a small group of homosexual activists.

The Eureka Springs they knew is gone. It is now a national hub for homosexuals. Eureka Springs is becoming the San Francisco of Arkansas. The story of how this happened is told in the new AFA DVD “They’re Coming To Your Town.”

One of the first actions of the homosexual controlled City Council was to offer a “registry” where homosexuals could register their unofficial “marriage.” City Council member Joyce Zeller said the city will now be promoted, not as a Christian resort, but a city “selling peace, relaxation, history and sex.”

AFA’s “They’re Coming ToYour Town” documents the story of how and why this happened. And how homosexual activists plan to do the same in other towns.


Posted by Andreus on 2008-01-09 12:16:21
What the hell? If you tried to pull this kind of shit in UK, the makers of this video would have been told exactly where they could shove it. What is WRONG with America?
Posted by Steve on 2008-01-09 12:28:32
"What is WRONG with America?"
We're allowed to do and say what we want, no matter how stupid it is.
Posted by Uk on 2008-01-10 05:55:31
You are allowed to say what you like in the UK too but we just don't say such stupid crap, anyhow in a country where creationisam is tought as science what do you expect!!
Posted by Endless Rob on 2008-01-12 14:55:02
"What is WRONG with America?"
An infestation of rabid gay-bashing fundamentalists who are attempting to control our legislative bodies.
Posted by Logodaedalus on 2008-01-15 07:10:45
>"What is WRONG with America?"
>We're allowed to do and say what we want, no matter how stupid it is.

IMHO, that's what is RIGHT with America

What's wrong is the endemic bigotry and mind numbing stupidity of an over-loud minority of your citizens
Posted by TheSimulacra on 2008-01-15 10:06:15
As long as we're discussing what's wrong with one another's countries, how about at least we don't pay millions of dollars of taxpayer's money to fund a fricking monarchy that doesn't even have any power... not trying to start a fight here but come on, we have better things to do than make pointless generalizations about each other's relative intelligence.
Posted by TheSimulacra on 2008-01-15 10:10:51
"You are allowed to say what you like in the UK too but we just don't say such stupid crap"
dont be stupids
Posted by BSCaller on 2008-01-15 20:13:07
Before talking crap about each other's country get your head out of your behinds... America is getting robbed of their money with the Federal Income Tax so go find out where your money is going.. second, if you really think the Queen doesn't have any power then you're just another head of american cattle, Tony Blair is just another bitch that does whatever the queen and her sick husband want.
Posted by TheSimulacra on 2008-01-15 21:02:03
Great so, even better, instead of paying millions of dollars to support the wealthiest family in history, England is paying millions of dollars to support a completely unelected but powerful figurehead... how is that any less worthy of criticism?

Finally... you really want to talk about British politics but you don't know that it's been months since Tony Blair was Prime Minister? Wowsah.
That sucks
Posted by Ned on 2008-01-18 13:43:26
If homosexuals infested my town, me and my boys would go beat the crap out of them, and then feed them shit! Damn homos
Posted by Gandor on 2008-01-19 12:26:09
I like your style ned, keep up the good work, can you get a video of that and place it on youtube, sound like a blast, especialy like the part about stuffing poo into their mouths, just wonderfull!!!
Benevolent conqueror
Posted by ArkansasTraveler on 2008-01-21 14:34:46
Now, don't be too hard on the wingnuts at the American Family Association. Turns out they're the best ad agency Eureka Springs, Arkansas has ever had. The reason they've produced a nice little travelogue about our "takeover" of this mountaintop tourist town is because we have the only Domestic Partnership Registry in the state; four Diversity Weekends a year; more than 50 gay owned businesses and an enlightened and progressive population that advocates inclusiveness and justice for all. Eureka Springs has been a "mecca" for gays, artists, hippies, independent thinkers and assorted other eccentric misfits for decades. It's a wonderful place to live and visit. If the American Family Ass-ociation doesn't like us, we know we're doing something right. For details, check out or or
Posted by Ned on 2008-01-26 12:08:42
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-11 10:44:53
Are you sure it isn't a parody? It sounds too overblown and paranoid to be serious, right? Right?
Posted by Dick Titus on 2012-12-10 11:30:38
12/10/2012. The Passion Play closed in bankrupcy due to the lack of attendance. The American Family Association told people to boycott Eureka Springs, Arkansas because of pro gay politics and closed a long running telling of the end of Christ's life. Bizarre the Christian Community would turn on itself. Hope the AFA is proud and happy. Oh, just a note, tourism is up this year for the town


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